If you're planning on a short family vacation from Singapore this holiday, consider this eco-conscious resort in Langkawi, Malaysia

With more time spent on electronic devices and less time outdoors, children of this generation are playing outside half as much as their parents did. But as it turns out, going outside might just be what kids today need to “improve their chance of future health and success”, according to Harvard Health Publishing editor Claire McCarthy.

Besides taking in the sunshine and exercising, playing outdoors also helps to nurture creativity in problem-solving, confidence in taking risks, social skills, and an appreciation of nature—qualities that children can’t pick up when they are cocooned at home.

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Above Children play inside the Lutong Kids Club

This is also what Four Seasons Resort Langkawi hopes to inspire, with its newly revitalised Lutong Kids Club and Geopark Discovery Centre, offering unique experiences that can’t be found in the city.

“Our latest addition to the resort is a treehouse at Lutong Kids Club, which allows children to experience a rustic version of a traditional Malay house,” says chief naturalist Aidi Abdullah, who is also a Langkawi Geopark Ambassador appointed by the Langkawi Development Authority.

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Above The resort recently introduced its very own Rumah Ikan Fish House, a traditional fishing house that pays tribute to Langkawi’s vibrant fishing legacy
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Above Children can embark on an eco-adventure onboard the "Swamp Skipper" to observe monkeys and eagles in their natural habitat

“Native activities include Malay batik painting and Malay kite (wau) making, offering the little ones insights to the local culture and traditions which are now rarely found on the island.”

The complimentary programme for young guests aged between four to 12 at the resort also includes other activities such as rock climbing, archery, yoga, and fish feeding. The club is open from 10 am to 6 pm daily, under supervision by Four Seasons’ dedicated guides. Childcare services are also available in the evening upon request.

In the Geopark Discovery Centre, kids are introduced to the millennia-old natural history of Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Southeast Asia’s first Unesco Geopark, and the natural wonders of Langkawi—from rock formations to habitats.

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Above Chief naturalist Aidi shares his knowledge with young guests inside the Geopark Discovery Centre

At a time when global warming and climate change are real problems that threaten our future, Aidi believes that it is important to expose children to nature from a young age. The Geopark Discovery Centre has also recently recreated a mini swamp within its premises to inspire curiosity and help children understand the importance of environmental conservation.

“Our resort naturalists interactively share their knowledge and wisdom with our young guests, making an impact on their learning by stimulating their curious minds with live images. The Mangroves and Monkeys Safari for kids also encourages them to discover the ecosystem cycle between the unique flora and fauna that exists in our mangrove river forest,” he shares.

“This shows them the impact of how single-use plastic ends up on the wild fish nursery which eventually reaches our dinner plate.”

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