Whether it's on the isolated shores of a remote island, eating their way through Italy or sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar in Los Angeles, here's how Hong Kong Tatler editors like to spend their summers


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I’m looking forward to attending one of my closest and oldest friends wedding in Tuscany and will then be continuing on to Florence, Italy is always a good idea and one of my favourite places to visit."Christian Barlow, Director of VIP Content and Communications 

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Langkawi, Malaysia

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Above Photo: Courtesy of The Datai

"I’m headed to Langkawi to stay at the newly renovated Datai Resort. It’s a beautiful property nestled amidst a lush jungle (I’ve heard the guided nature tour is not to be missed), complete with three award-winning restaurants and National Geographic’s Top 10 Beaches in the world. Can’t wait!"Rosana Lai, Fashion Editor


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Above Photo: Alexander Kagan

"Growing up I spent my summers in France so I make a point to go back every year. I go to Burgundy to spend time with family and bike along the Loire and then Paris to see friends, try new restaurants and visit a few museums. It’s a good balance of countryside/city."—Natasha Tang, Social Media Editor

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Above Photo: Jon Flobrant

"There’s nothing more beautiful than European summer nights, so I hope to visit an old friend of mine in Stockholm, Sweden, this year. The city’s old district–Gamla Stan–its world-class museums and cult-status restaurants are superb, and best enjoyed when the sun is shining, which is something I learned the hard way last winter."Annie Darling, Watches and Jewellery Editor

Palermo, Italy

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Above Photo: Tomas Anton Escobar

"This summer, the long, golden sunsets and azure seas of Palermo await. I’ve been wanting to go ever since Janice Leung Hayes penned one of our Food Lover’s Guides to the coastal city, and it will also be my first trip to Sicily. I’ll be travelling with a mostly empty suitcase so I can bring back as many southern Italian goodies as I can: Italian reds, capers and bottarga among them!"Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Food & Wine

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El Nido, Philippines

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Above Photo: Courtesy of El Nido Resorts

"El Nido is one of the best tropical holiday spots I’ve been to—hundreds of beautiful, white-sand beaches with crystal clear water, teeming sea life and so many islands to explore. I went with my family over Chinese New Year and I can’t wait to visit again. We stayed at Pangulasian Island. The resort is gorgeous, the staff super friendly, and they’re really strict about protecting the wildlife and keeping the island clean. They’ll brief you when you arrive – plastic is a no-no, and they’ll ask guests to take any rubbish back home with them. They also provide each guest with a refillable water bottle they can take home and lug around, and while at the resort, water stations in the rooms and around the common areas make it easy to stay hydrated."—Emilie Yabut-Razon, Managing Editor

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Los Angeles, California, United States

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Above Photo: Sterling Davis

"I always love summertime in LA. Days are spent at the beach and perusing galleries—Hauser & Wirth on E 3rd Street is probably one of my favourite galleries in the world—and enjoying good food and drinks with friends on those perfect balmy LA nights. In the words of Yasuko Agawa, "LA night, don't you wanna treat it right." Some of my favourite spots are Resident in the Arts District, Ysabel and E.P. & L.P. in West Hollywood, Bestia and the rooftop at The Ace in Downtown, and Mh Zh and Salazar in Silver Lake. If there's time, I try to squeeze in a side trip to somewhere like Joshua Tree, Palm Springs or Ojai."Coco Marett, Digital Editor

Brighton, England

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Above Photo: pexels.com

"There's nowhere I'd rather be in the summertime than by the sea—and Brighton is one of my favourite seaside towns in the world, so I try to get there at least once a year—I book a week in a seafront hotel, go window-shopping in The Lanes, and spend all my afternoons reading novels and memoirs on Brighton’s rocky beach. I try to make my very first meal in Brighton a hot kipper sandwich under the arches, beachfront. But my second meal is usually a late lunch at Riddle & Finns in The Lanes—the seafood is fresh and flavourful and the cooking is refined but unpretentious. I always order way too much—get the razor clams if you're lucky and find they're on the menu, then a fruits de mer platter of shellfish to tear into with your hands, and you'll never go wrong with their rich and savoury fish soup."—Danica Lo, Chief Content Officer 

Busan, South Korea

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Above Photo: unsplash.com

"Busan is always my favourite place to go for a summer getaway. Unlike Seoul, Busan’s weather is a little cooler in the summer with gentle breezes coming in from the sea. I can spend a whole day chilling out at the Haeundae Beach, enjoying gorgeous sea views and great seafood at the restaurants around."—Helen Yu, Digital Editorial Assistant 

Okinawa, Japan

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Above Photo: unsplash.com

"Home to white sandy beaches and clear waters with coral reefs, Okinawa is one of Asia’s top destinations for snorkelling and diving. Besides exploring the underwater world, don’t forget to check out the local Izakayas to taste a variety of Okinawan specialities on the islands of Miyako and Ishigaki, or simply spend a day lounging on the private beaches owned by world-class beach resorts."Pearl Yan, Digital Projects Editor

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