As a direct result of the outbreak of Covid-19 and global travel restrictions, Airbnb has seen a growth in local travel – increasing by as much as 15% year-on-year

It comes as no surprise that the world of travel has been significantly disrupted by Covid-19. Along with hard-hitting industries such as hospitality – including restaurants, bars and hotels – the virus has had a huge effect on travel, with many countries shutting their boarders, airlines stopping flights and global lockdown rulings prohibiting both international and local travel.

As restrictions ease in Hong Kong, and as individuals begin to look for ways to enjoy travel-like experiences without leaving the city – Airbnb has announced a growth in local travel. As the world’s largest marketplace for unique and authentic places to stay and things to do, the company has been able to offer a solution for those looking for new experiences within the city.

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New data released today by Airbnb reveals an optimistic outlook for the tourism industry as travel is beginning to recover in Hong Kong, with local travel increasing by as much as 15% year-on-year, surpassing pre-Covid levels. This upward surge is the result of the increased interest in staycations, with residents looking to enjoy a night away from home with friends or family and explore hidden gems in their own city.

The trend doesn't appear to be unique to Hong Kong either. Domestic travel is also on the rise across other markets in Asia-Pacific, with a surge of bookings seen in the last month in Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Between 18-24 May, there were more nights booked for domestic travel on Airbnb globally than there were in the same period in 2019. From June 5-7, for the first time since February, year-over-year growth in gross booking value (not including cancellations or alterations) increased for all reservations on Airbnb made around the globe.

Airbnb also announced that in 2019, host and guest communities generated HK$2.5 billion direct economic impact to Hong Kong. In the reduced-travel post-Covid-19 world the company has the potential to generate billions of dollars for local economies.

“Tourism is a key driver of economic growth in Hong Kong and it will play an important role in overall recovery. We are committed to working hand in hand with governments, tourist agencies, communities and other key local stakeholders in Hong Kong to help restore travel in a responsible way that economically benefits local citizens and small businesses, paving the way towards tourism’s much-needed recovery.” Stated Kum Hong Siew, Regional Director (Asia-Pacific), Airbnb.

As Covid-19 crisis continues to change the way we live and travel, Airbnb will continue to encourage all hosts and guests to be responsible and follow guidelines from local officials if and when they choose to travel.

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