Our editors list their must-have products for working from home, including everything from yoga mats, coffee makers, candles and more

Whether it's having their favourite drinks and snacks on hand, setting the scene with a calming candle or a refreshing room spray, or just making sure they're comfortable, our editors have got working from home down to a fine art.

Read on to find out which products keep team Tatler going throughout the work day.

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Sweatpants, coffee and tabletop ring light

Tatler Asia

All-day comfort is key—some of my favourite sweatpants right now come from Brandy Melville (I bought them in the store in ifc).They're ultra-plush and cosy and are strictly at-home pants, so now you know all my darkest secrets.

If I'm not planning on leaving the house, I make sure to have lots of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee on hand—the caffeine keeps me alert and the Lion's Mane and Chaga help me stay focused. If I'm taking Zoom meetings early in the morning or after sunset, I'll use my tabletop ring light so I look... less scary on webcam.—Danica Lo, Chief Content Officer

Vacuum flask and portable speaker

Tatler Asia

With limited fridge space at home and in lieu of the office water cooler, my made-in-Hong Kong Camel brand vacuum flask has been a saviour. It fits more than a litre of water, which I chill with a tray’s worth of ice cubes (sorry to all the Asian aunties who recoil at the idea of drinking anything below room temperature!), and it’s so well insulated that every pour is nice and cold even hours later. It keeps me cool and hydrated throughout the day, and refilling it at least once or twice helps me reach my daily water goals.

Another essential is music: at the office, I’ll usually put on my Bose noise-cancelling earphones when I need to concentrate, but the joy of working from home is that you can play your music out loud. I use the Bose mini bluetooth speaker that is easily portable—if any family members prefer some peace and quiet, I’ll just take it into another room.—Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Dining

Espresso maker and leave-in hair treatments

Tatler Asia

To start my day right I take the time to make myself a coffee before beginning work. In February I bought a Bialetti 1-cup espresso maker and milk frother which work great to achieve an (almost) café grade coffee at home. 

While at home I’m also making a conscious effort to use less heat on my hair and am letting it dry naturally, so I'm keeping it in place by working a pea sized amount of Moroccan Oil through the ends in the mornings. On days when I’m due a hair wash, I’ll use Olaplex No.3 and twist it into a bun for a few hours to try and save my split ends.—Annie Simpson, Digital Content Director

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Signature jewellery

Tatler Asia

A black tee and my usual bling set of gold hoop earrings and a chain necklace by Pacharee are my go-to for zoom calls.

No one needs to know about my striped pyjamas shorts underneath!—Rosie Lai, Senior Fashion Editor

Loose leaf tea

Tatler Asia

A comfy chair and a huge pot of Fortnum and Mason's Royal Blend loose leaf tea with a splash of soy milk.

I like being able to work from the couch with an unlimited supply of tea just a metre away.—Lauren James, Deputy Editor

Health supplements

Tatler Asia

It’s so easy to lose track of time, especially on days, when stuck at home. For me, keeping to a good bedtime routine has been key to staying focused with work – after switching my phone to airplane mode, I take a 5HTP supplement and use the Subtle Energies Sleep Easy Nasya Oil.

I also think it’s essential to keep your space clean – a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind! Take a few minutes a day to tidy up, it makes a difference.—Coco Marett, Lifestyle Editor

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Weekly planner, coffee and room scent

Tatler Asia

My mom used to always tell me that as a child I was obsessed with setting up a 'pretend' home office on our living room floor, complete with Hooked on Phonics reading books and Cheetos — you know, the essentials.

Today, I’ve swapped out the carpet for a white marble desk, the early learners reading books for a weekly planner from Muji and cheetos for a cup of Cafe Direct Machu Picchu coffee. My new essentials for optimal productivity also include a ginger-lily air freshner spray from Zara to give me instant home cafe vibes. But, WFH hasn’t been so bad—I’ve got the added benefit of a new co-worker too. Hi Hubby!—Tara Sobti, Society Editor

Diptique candles

Tatler Asia

What’s a home office without a scented candle? I usually light up Diptyque’s Mimosa Candle during the daytime (and the Rose Candle to create zen vibes at night) to boost my mood and productivity.

What’s great about the candle is that it has a fresh floral scent, which is not overpowering but still provides my workspace with a relaxing ambience.—Helen Yu, Assistant Editor 

Yoga mat

Tatler Asia

Staying physically and mentally fit is essential for a good work-from-home life, which is why I love placing a yoga mat right in front of my work desk.

Whenever my limbs—or brain—needs a good stretch, I can hop onto my yoga mat for a quick dance workout or meditating on more story ideas.—Zabrina Lo, Associate Features Editor

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