A little tech can go a long way to help busy mothers manage their day better and get more done

Being a mum can be busy and stressful. Sometimes, it must feel like you need to grow an extra pair of hands to tackle every task on your never-ending list. Not to worry, here are some useful gadgets and apps that can help boost productivity.

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Samsung Galaxy S21

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Samsung Galaxy S21 (Photo: Samsung)
Above Samsung Galaxy S21 (Photo: Samsung)

The latest Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone is great for busy mums who need to stay connected and one step ahead. For one, it sports a brilliantly sharp 6.2-inch screen and a powerful 2.9GHz octa-core processor to handle multiple apps with ease. It also comes with a 4,000mAh battery that keeps it powered 24 hours.

Capturing those precious moments is a treat too, thanks to its triple camera setup that covers all angle, whether it is wide, ultra-wide or telephoto. The 256GB of internal storage is enough to store all your photos, videos and apps.

Even better is the inclusion of Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant that allows you to get certain tasks done without lifting a finger, literally. For instance, start the day by asking Bixby to read out loud your schedule of the day and messages. To help you stay motivated, just ask Bixby to play your morning power music playlist.

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HP Spectre x360 14

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HP Spectre x360 14 (Photo: HP)
Above HP Spectre x360 14 (Photo: HP)

The HP Spectre x360 14 is an essential tool to help working mums stay at the top of their game. The 14-inch convertible laptop boasts a high resolution OLED touchscreen display, the 11th Gen Intel Core processor complemented with the Iris Xe graphics, as well as a smart performance system that, well, optimises performance. These enhancements make it perfectly suited for juggling multiple work tasks at once. 

When it is time to kick back and relax, the Spectre x360 14 outputs amazing audio quality courtesy of quad speakers that are expertly tuned by audio experts Bang & Olufsen.

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1Password app (Photo: 1Password)
Above 1Password app (Photo: 1Password)

Don’t you just hate it when you need to log in to your email, social media or bank account, and realise that you've forgotten your username and/or password? Well, 1Password is a handy app that allows you to keep all your passwords in one encrypted database. 

This helps you save time and ensure that you won’t ever need to click on that reset button to reset your password. The app even allows you to use various passwords for different accounts, so you don’t have to compromise on your security.

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Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop

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Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop (Photo: Xiaomi))
Above Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop (Photo: Xiaomi))

A happy home is a clean home, but sometimes you're just too tired after a long day putting out fires in the office to do it. Get the help of Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop from Xiaomi, an 8.2cm slim robot that is low enough to reach under your beds, cupboards and sofas to clean those hard to reach spots.

It also comes with an advanced room mapping that allows it to identify the layout of the furniture in a room and efficiently navigate around them, allowing it to clean more effectively.


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Calm meditation app
Above Calm meditation app

A great way to cut through the noise of a busy day is to take some time out and meditate. Calm is a useful mobile app, available for iOS and Android, to help you unwind and relax. Free to use, it provides guided sessions that range from three to 25-minute sessions. 

There are hundreds of different meditations, with new meditations added each day. Features like a progress tracker as well as seven-day and 21-day programmes for beginners help you to get started and stay on course. 

Having trouble falling asleep? Turn on its sleep-focused playlist designed to set a tempo for a well-deserved rest. 

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