This is the brand's first foray into a wearable purifier and is a result of years of research, development and prototypes

Dyson, the tech appliance company behind the TikTok famous Airwrap and everyone’s favourite vacuum cleaners, is entering the headphone and wearable tech market with the launch of its new air-purifying headphones—and it’s safe to say that our interest has been piqued. 

The Dyson Zone, as it is officially called, was launched on March 30 and quickly generated a lot of buzz online. So how does it work, you may ask? Users can enjoy stellar audio quality while also being able to breathe in fresh air through a mouthpiece that will suck in air from around your ears, filter it and release it near your mouth and nose in a two-stage purification process. 

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While it certainly looks a tad odd when worn, the air filtration system does not come into contact with the user's face at all. Rather it comfortably sits inches from your mouth and nose so you can breathe naturally with no stuffiness. Safe to say, this will not protect you from Covid-19 (which is not the intent of the product).

Rather, the company’s first-ever take on a wearable purifier can capture city pollution, gas, allergens and particle matter, which makes it pretty useful especially as many of us are returning to work and having to contend with public transport and city pollution once again. The headphones also boast both passive and active noise cancelling features.

Considering that these headphones were a product of six years of development and research and over 500 prototypes, it is clear that the process that went into creating them was no easy feat. These headphones will launch later this year and can be purchased online and in Dyson stores. The real question is: will you be among the first to buy and wear these?


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