The exquisite four-minute mini-documentary is just the beginning for Porsche and Rousteing

Porsche and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing have this week announced a high profile new collaboration. The automaker and designer have teamed up to create a stunning new video to illustrate the meaning of “drive”—and is set to be just the beginning of the intriguing collaboration.

“I feel so proud to express the person that I am through this beautiful film in collaboration with Porsche,” Rousteing shared in a post on Instagram this week. “These are my challenges, these are my passions, and what drive means to me. Push your limits and never give up, dreams can come true.”

The four-minute short film was shot in Paris and Étretat on the coast of Normandy, showing Rousteing in various shots behind the wheel of the Porsche Panamera. Juxtaposed with shots of the French designer going about his day-to-day life—from hitting the road to running on the treadmill and working in his studio—the video aims to showcase Rousteing’s own “inner drive”.

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Porsche handed over the majority of creative rights to Rousteing in terms of planning and executing the mini-documentary; allowing him to curate not only the shooting locations but the full script as well, in order to express himself and his drive in his own words.

“I love the timelessness of Porsche, I love the elegance of the cars and I love the passion of driving. I’m a driven person and I feel like Porsche is a driven brand,” Rousteing told WWD in an interview. “The short film is the introduction [and] now that I’m really part of the Porsche family, we’re going to think about creating together.”

Rousteing also noted that he doesn’t often collaborate with brands outside of Balmain and while little is known about the future of the collaborative project, the German carmaker and French designer have confirmed to be “planning further joint activities.”

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