What's the best way to counter boredom when you're staying in because of the coronavirus outbreak? Why, by watching some good ol' television, of course

Times are tough but as the old adage goes—when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And for us at Tatler, we think that the best way to counter boredom when you're in self-quarantine or practising social distancing because of the coronavirus outbreak, is to curl up on your couch and binge-watch a good series. We've come up with a list of the shows, from a mix of different genres, that are worth streaming to keep us entertained during this difficult period.

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This South Korean zombie historical drama is currently the number one show on Netflix Singapore’s list of top 10 most popular titles—and we can see why. It all begins when strange rumours about an ill-stricken King start to spread and Crown Prince Lee Chang finds himself having to investigate the spread of a mysterious plague. He then becomes the kingdom’s only hope against the outbreak of a disease that’s killing the masses. Needless to say, it’s an excellent show to binge-watch, especially so if you’re a fan of feudal dramas such as Game of Thrones and even zombie thrillers like Train To Busan.

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Crash Landing On You

It may only be the start of 2020 (and already, it’s eventful, to say the least), but this K-drama has been on every self-respecting Hallyu fan’s lips. The drama is about a South Korean heiress played by Son Yejin who, as the title suggests, crash lands in North Korea after getting caught in a paragliding accident. She meets North Korean army officer Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) and from there, their love story grips viewers through 16 episodes. The romantic drama, which is Netflix Singapore’s second most popular show this week, has been recorded as the second highest-rated K-drama in South Korean cable television history, according to Nielsen Korea. In fact, after the show finished its course, several netizens and fans took to social media to commiserate because their favourite series had unfortunately come to an end.

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Tiger King

Looking for binge-watch an extraordinarily bizarre documentary to distract you from the crisis that's happening around the world? Meet Joe Exotic, the private zookeeper who also happens to be a gun-toting drug addict. Tiger King is about Exotic's life and the friends and enemies he's made in America's big-cat trade. The show is titled Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness and it is exactly that—be prepared for a wild ride with larger-than-life characters, a look at Exotic's animal park-home that has close to 200 tigers and also how his feud with Florida animal park owner Carole Baskin dramatically escalated.


This one's for all the cheerleaders among us—both former and, well, aspiring. The docu-series gives an inside look at the lives of a cheerleading squad from Navarro College in Corsicana, a small town in Texas. The show follows the 40-member team on their journey as they gear up for the annual National Cheerleading Association’s championship, which is arguably the biggest moment for these cheerleaders. The Navarro cheerleaders are considered among the best in the country and viewers will witness the amount of hard work, sacrifice and challenges that go into the team's preparation for the championship in Daytona, Florida. 

Too Hot To Handle

We’ll just cut to the chase: This show involves a group of attractive singles who are given a US$100,000 celibacy challenge. The group of 10 meet each other and mingle at a beach resort in Mexico for four weeks, and this goes on for eight episodes. All the contestants are forbidden from doing anything raunchy with one another or they will face a monetary penalty and lose up to US$20,000 from the total prize fund. The show has quickly become a hit online and gained fans from all over the world. If you’re a fan of Love Island, chances are you’ll probably enjoy this frivolous series as well.

Pitch Perfect 3 

The third instalment of the Pitch Perfect series is no less funny than its predecessors—and once again, Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy is the star of the show. Her comedic timing makes the movie so much more enjoyable than it already is. As college graduates, acapella group the Bellas reunite for one last singing competition in Pitch Perfect 3 at an overseas gig, capping the trilogy.

Terrace House

For those who have never understood the concept of reality shows, especially one that is based on, well, watching people live their daily lives—hear us out. This Japanese reality show is centred on a group of six regular folks, both men and women, who move in together while the cameras roll. They’re given a home and a car and there is no script—which makes the show all the better. The constant drama and “messy” love triangle situations keep the audience hooked but we’d have to say that one of the best elements of the show is the panel of Japanese celebrities who give their two cents about the characters on the show. Their comments are hilarious and relatable at the same time because more often than not, we find ourselves agreeing with them.

Rupaul’s Drag Race

Shantay, you stay. If you’re an avid fan of American drag queen Rupaul, you will most likely be familiar with that catchphrase regularly used on the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s a televised competition among aspiring drag queens who compete to be “America’s next drag superstar”. Every episode, contestants are given mini and maxi challenges as well as present a runway walk where you’ll witness some of the most outrageous homemade costumes. Look forward to the lip sync battle at the end of each episode where the bottom two contestants battle it out to remain on the show. Drag Race has attracted fans far and wide, with some of their contestants earning their own loyal fan bases thanks to their influence. And speaking of influence, where else did you think the concepts of contouring and "baking" in makeup began? We have these queens to thank for.

Making A Murderer

We’re not going to lie, this documentary will leave you thinking hard about the justice systems that are in place in both the US as well as here at home. Are the incarcerated really serving time that they deserve? This explosive docu-series grabbed headlines everywhere upon its release on Netflix, just as the documentary’s main characters, Steven Avery and his then 16-year-old nephew Brendon Dassey, had when they were found guilty of the murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach. The true-crime series is divided into two seasons, exploring pieces of evidence and possibilities that the Wisconsin men were wrongfully convicted. We won’t give out spoilers but we’ll just say that to date, we still don’t know who the real culprit is.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Looking for a feel-good rom-com that you can watch over and over again? That’s what we did with this hit Netflix movie that stormed its way to the top of the charts and became one of the streaming giant’s most re-watched original movies of 2018. Based on Jenny Han’s novel of the same name, To All The Boys follows Lara Jean Song Covey as she deals with the aftermath caused by her little sister who sent out several love letters that were written in secret. It may seem like a film made for teens, but there’s a certain warmth and sweetness about the show that makes it so comfortable to watch. So add this to your watch list and revisit your past crushes.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

Leave it to veteran late night host David Letterman to get your favourite celebrities to peel off the layers and talk about their lives on a deeper level. From former US President Barack Obama to rapper Jay-Z, watch as these famous faces sit down for a chat with Letterman in an intimate setting before a live audience. 

The Circle

Why of course, we have yet another reality show that may interest you in this trying period. The contestants on this series are literally “quarantined” in their own allocated apartments within a residential building and do everything within their means (read: flirt, lie, befriend etc) as they work their way towards US$100,000 cash prize. They’ve never met each other before and can only communicate via, you guessed it, The Circle—a programme specially created for the show that acts as a messaging service for all the contestants. Get ready for a whole lot of silly web interactions, bromance and some major drama—because what is a reality show based on social media without some catfishing?