From HIIT to yoga to personal training, these online workouts and fitness apps mean there's no excuse to not get moving every day—even if it's from the comfort of your own home

Additional reporting by Chloe Pek

1. Centr

Founded by Chris Hemsworth, Centr offers access to the actor's personal team of world-class trainers. The health and fitness program features HIIT, boxing, yoga, strength training, MMA and other workouts from beginner to advanced levels. The holistic program also focuses on nutrition and mental wellness, with meal plans, meditations and more. As a means of offering support during the pandemic, Hemsworth is offering a free six-week subscription for new users.

2. Alo Moves

Whether you're in the mood to flow through a vinyasa practice, tune out and meditate or get your heart rate up with a HIIT class, Alo Moves offers thousands of online classes led by top coaches from around the world. It's the ideal app for those who like to switch up their routine.

3. Tracy Anderson Method

You've heard the name, now get in the game. She's one of the most in-demand trainers in the world—having worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham to name a few - and now anyone can benefit from the Tracy Anderson Method with her online studio, where she streams her workouts each week.

4. The Sculpt Society

Founded by trainer Megan Roup, The Sculpt Society offers energetic online workouts that are as fun as they are effective. With a strong focus on dance cardio, you'll be bouncing and twirling your way to a sculpted bod in no time with their 5-55 minute classes.

5. Louis Doctrove PT

If you're after a more personal approach, look no further than Louis Doctrove's online training programmes. With 12 years of experience as a personal trainer under his belt - including a stint as head trainer at one of Hong Kong's top gyms—Louis has transformed the bodies (and lives) of his clients with his smart and results-driven approach to fitness.

6. Aaptiv

If staring at a screen while working out doesn't appeal to you, Aaptiv's audio classes are a good way to get your workout in without the distraction of your devices. Categories include outdoor running, treadmill, strength training, yoga and more, with 30 new classes per week added to their impressive library.

7. Sweat With Kayla

Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide, a 30-day online workout plan, has gained an army of loyal fans whose jaw-dropping before-and-after transformation photos on Instagram make a compelling case for the Australian trainer's programme. The workouts are fast, easy, enjoyable and effective—just how we like 'em.

8. The Bar Method

Pulse and plié your way through the dynamic online barre classes offered by The Bar Method. Classes range in length from 15 to 60 minutes—so there's no excuse to not get moving. 

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