Watched everything new on Netflix? We're letting you know the latest TV shows and movies coming to the platform this February

January gave us a whole host of Netflix treats to get stuck into––from the fabulously addictive Bling Empire to French drama series Lupin––there was plenty to keep us entertained.

But if you've exhausted the new in list for the month, have no fear as February is just around the corner, with plenty more new series and films to watch, from the third instalment of the feel-good teen flick To All The Boys, to a gritty new suspense drama, reality TV and more.

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1. Little Big Women

Taiwan’s highest-grossing box office film of 2020, Little Big Women, will be one of the first new Netflix treats coming this February.

Based on director Joseph Chen-chieh Hsu’s personal experience, the film tells the story of a family as they struggle to come to terms with finding out that their recently deceased grandfather was having an affair.

On her role and the film, leading actress Chen Shu-fang stated “Taiwanese women are best described as persevering and responsible. I am delighted for the world to watch Little Big Women and to show everyone how the Taiwanese woman holds a family together.” 

Release date: February 5

2. Malcolm & Marie

A second cinematic release for Netflix this month is Malcolm & Marie, one of the 24 original films coming to the platform in 2021.

The romantic tales stars John David Washington as a filmmaker and Zendaya as his girlfriend, as they return home after a movie premiere and await what’s sure to be imminent critical and financial success.

As the evening suddenly takes a turn as revelations about their relationships begin to surface, the strength of their love is tested tested. With Malcolm & Marie, director Sam Levinson is said to have created a film of rare originality; an ode to the great Hollywood romances as well as a heartfelt expression of faith in the medium's future.

Release date: February 5

3. Space Sweepers

Set in the year 2091, this Korean sci-fi drama will be released on February 5. Regarded as the first Korean space blockbuster, the film follows spaceship Victory as they journey through space and live off salvaging space debris.

After successfully snatching a crashed space shuttle in the latest debris chase, Victory’s crew find a 7-year-old girl inside––but they soon realise that she’s actually a humanlike robot wanted by UTS Space Guards, and decide to demand ransom in exchange.

Release date: February 5

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4. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

This new documentary series deconstructs the mythology and mystery surrounding infamous locations in contemporary crime.

Director Joe Berlinger (Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes) hones in on the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles––which is known to many as LA's deadliest hotel. After decades of housing serial killers and being the location of many untimely deaths, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel depicts the hotel's latest crime.

In 2013 college student Elisa Lam was staying at the Cecil when she vanished, igniting a media frenzy and mobilising a global community of internet sleuths eager to solve the case, with Lam’s disappearance offering a chilling and captivating lens into one of LA’s most nefarious settings.

Release date: February 10

5. To All the Boys: Always and Forever

The third instalment of the To All the Boys franchise, To All the Boys: Always and Forever follows Lara Jean Covey as she prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood.

Scheduled for release on February 12, the hit teen romantic comedy sees a pair of life-changing trips leading to Lara Jean reimagining what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.

Release date: February 12

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6. Buried by the Bernards

A far-cry from Bling Empire, Netflix's latest reality TV show follows the lives and work of the big-hearted Bernards as they manage their budget-friendly funeral home while helping grieving families say farewell.

The Memphis-based business first gained attention after a commercial went viral not once, but twice, with the resulting reality series filmed in the early months of 2020, shortly before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Release date: February 12

7. The Big Day

If you love Indian Matchmaking, chances are you'll be into The Big Day. Aptly timed for a Valentine's Day release, the new series follows six engaged couples as they plan their dream weddings.

In true Bollywood style, these are no run-of-the-mill wedding services, with happily ever after beginning on a spectacular note in this eye-popping look at India’s multibillion-dollar wedding industry.

Release date: February 14

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8. Behind Her Eyes

Rounding up the new releases on Netflix this month is Behind Her Eyes, a British mystery thriller series that's sure to have you hooked.

Louise is a single mother who has an affair with her psychiatrist boss David, but her life takes a strange turn when she later befriends his wife, and enters a world of twisted mind games.

What starts as an unconventional love triangle soon becomes a dark, psychological tale of suspense and twisted revelations, as Louise finds herself caught in a dangerous web of secrets where nothing and no-one is what they seem. Based on the best-selling novel by Sarah Pinborough.

Release date: February 17

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