With its subtle emotional moments and stellar character design, this is one coming-of-age film that you do not want to miss

Pixar's latest coming-of-age film, Luca, was finally released on Disney+ on June 18 and we have all the details about its latest masterpiece.

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Unlike most of their past films, Luca does not try to explore big emotions and existential crisis situations.

Rather, the film attempts to capture the light and fleeting days of summer in a subtle and sweet way. In fact, the emotions they look at are more understated and are quietly woven into the storyline rather than presenting themselves clearly.

The story follows two young sea monsters, the timid Luca (Jacob Tremblay) and the fearless Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer). Luca's curiosity about the human world has always been quelled by his overprotective parents.

However, Alberto, who lives on land, pushes Luca to be braver. The two end up running away to a human town where they dream of buying a Vespa and riding off to see the world and all it has to offer. In an attempt to get the money for the bike, the two join the annual Portorosso cup, a competition where participants have to eat pasta. 

Luca is a true work of art that you simply have to see to believe. Keep reading to find out why this film is so special.

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Above Disney and Pixar’s Luca | Official Trailer | Disney+

1. Each of the characters have very distinct designs

In the film, Pixar gives its characters a unique design that is slightly more cartoonish than what it usually presents.

Their expressions and movements have a very exaggerated and deliberate style that will impress just about anyone if you are paying attention. 

Even if you are not into art and animation, you will appreciate the work that went into crafting both the human and the imaginary and hidden sea world as well as how well both are imagined.

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2. It subtly sends a message about our relationships with people

While the plot of Luca may not require you to do a lot of thinking, if you look closer, you will see that Pixar did this in order for the onscreen relationships to really shine through. 

Luca and Alberto begin the film with a simple friendship. However, this slowly grows into something more complicated particularly when Giulia enters the scene. 

The film looks at this idea that people can have emotionally satisfying relationships with many different people and to varying degrees and how difficult that might sometimes be to accept. 

3. It is emotional in a very unique way

Most of Pixar's films operate in much the same way. You have characters that work their way through their struggles and the film typically ends with a big emotional moment that very often leaves the audience in tears.

With Luca, you may not feel the same way. In fact, you likely will not find yourself emotionally hit at the end of the film. However, if you look closer, you will see that the emotional bits are scattered everywhere in the film.

From the relationships forged to the new experiences that are shared, there is something in everything if you just take the time to look. If you think about it, that is the whole idea of the film. Taking the time to appreciate the simple things in life like enjoying an ice cream is so important and it's the little moments that add up to be the big ones. 

True enough, if you pay attention, you will see all these little things build up to form a beautiful coming-of-age tale that we can guarantee will stick with you long after the credits begin to roll.

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