The virtual exhibition, "The Queen and The Crown", includes interactive 360-degree views of the costumes from the two series

Following the premiere of Netflix's original limited series, The Queen's Gambit and the upcoming fourth season of The Crown on November 15, costumes from the two series are on display at the Brooklyn Museum as the centrepiece of their virtual exhibition The Queen and The Crown. The exhibition consists of digitally rendered and interactive 360-degree views of the costumes, together with related objects of their collection, set within a rendering of the museum's Beaux-Arts Court.

The costumes from The Queen's Gambit have been designed by Gabrielle Binder and reflect the growing sophistication and coming-of-age story of its main character, Elizabeth "Beth" Harmon played by Anya Taylor-Joy in fictional 1960s and her journey as a chess champion. Her wardrobe often incorporates structural lines and black-and-white patterns which reflect the elements of the game. As she matures in her skill, this is reflected in her fashion.

Notable outfits from the series that are part of the exhibition include Harmon's first dress, "The Beth Dress", along with "The Endgame Dress" from her chess match in Russia, and "The White Queen" worn at the final scene. 

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'gallery right' 'gallery right'
'gallery right' 'gallery right'
Photo 1 of 3 You can browse through the costumes from "The Crown" and "The Queen's Gambit" (Photo: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum)
Photo 2 of 3 Trooping of the Colour Uniform from Netflix's "The Crown" (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)
Photo 3 of 3 The Endgame Dress as seen in Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit" (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

Meanwhile, Emmy-winning costume designer Amy Roberts crafted detailed outfits inspired by looks worn by famous British women in The Crown, including Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Princess Diana and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The series depicts the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, so viewers can expect to see the "Trooping of the Colour Uniform" and Princess Diana's iconic wedding dress.

Displays from both series include detailed information in the exhibition, such as which episode from the show you can see it and a brief history and insight into the outfits themselves. Other than that, there are interview clips, original sketches and show clips that you can also look at.

Along with the costumes, you can also zoom around and look at the objects from the museum's collection that have a connection to characters and themes in the two series. Some of these include the ancient Egyptian board game senet (circa 1938–1799 B.C.E.), American photographer Arthur Tress’s Boys on Checker Floor, Far Rockaway, NY (1973), and Guyanese British artist Hew Locke’s Koh-i-noor (2005), a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II made from hundreds of plastic toys and trinkets and many others.

The exhibition also includes a virtual panel discussion with Binder, Roberts and Yokobosky who will give you behind-the-scenes insight into the wardrobe creations for the two shoes. Academy Award-winning costume designer, Ruth E. Carter will moderate the panel. You can virtually tour "The Queen and The Crown" from its official website. It will be on display from October 30–December 13, 2020.

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