Living under a rock is the only way you’d be excused for not having some acquaintance with Canto-pop sensation: Mirror. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the members of Mirror

If you haven’t heard of Mirror yet, it’s time to succumb to the inevitable: The Hong Kong Canto-pop boy band is taking the city by storm. In the three years since they joined the local music scene, their list of accomplishments is ever-growing. 

The 12-member group has been topping the charts from group songs to solos, winning major accolades at Hong Kong’s most prestigious music award ceremonies, and their star power doesn’t stop there. With their catchy songs and powerful performances featuring synchronised dance moves, the group has not only amassed legions of fans but also caught global luxury brands’ attention, such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, with many of the members making headline after headline for their impeccable sense of style.

Missed the Mirror wave or still wondering what the Canto-pop sensation is about? We’ve compiled a guide that will tell you everything to know about the boy band, including how they became a celebrated part of Hong Kong’s music scene.

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Mirror/Facebook

How were the members of Mirror discovered?

Canto-pop boy band Mirror was formed during ViuTV’s reality competition show, Good Night Show - King Maker. The twelve members of the group, including Frankie Chan, Alton Wong, Lokman Yeung, Stanley Yau, Anson Kong, Jer Lau, Ian Chan, Anson Lo, Jeremy Lee, Edan Lui, Keung To and Tiger Yau, were once contestants of the show—each possesses a distinctive talent in singing, rapping and dancing.

After the show, despite only three of them receiving an award (Keung To won first place while Ian Chan and Lokman Yeung took second and third place respectively), their talents were recognised and handpicked by TV producer Ahfa Wong (aka “Sister Fa”, who later became the group’s manager) who trained them for stardom.  

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HONG KONG, CHINA - MAY 12: Members of Hong Kong boy group Mirror attend a news conference after their concert on May 12, 2021 in Hong Kong, China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
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Why are they called “Mirror”?

The name “Mirror” was given to the group to symbolise the mirror that the members look into to see their true selves. It’s also represents the multi-dimensional nature of the members, each owning a unique set of talents and skills.  

How did Mirror rise in popularity?

Mirror debuted in 2018 with their first-ever single: In a Second (一秒間), and has been building an empire since then. Their popularity continues to soar over the years and the members are seen everywhere in the city: from social media to advertisements and digital billboards on buildings. However, the band did not become an overnight success.

In the early days, Mirror struggled like many other rookies in the local music industry that has long been dominated by foreign music such as K-pop and American pop. The band caused quite a stir when first introduced to the public, with most people viewed them as just another spitting image of popular K-pop boy bands.

But with their charming personalities, dedication and outstanding performances that feature powerful music and in-sync dance moves, Mirror was able to grow to become one of Hong Kong’s most successful bands in history, serving as the main driving force promoting and reviving Canto-pop in the city.  

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Meet the twelve members of Mirror below:

Keung To

Despite being the second-youngest member of Mirror, Keung To is one of the most talented in the group. Thanks to his powerful stage presence and outstanding vocal and dancing abilities, Keung’s popularity has been steadily growing ever since his debut.

He plays the role of the main vocalist and the centre of the group, who has also been working hard as a solo singer with talents acknowledged through a number of prestigious awards, including Best Male Newcomer Award (Bronze) at the 2020 Ultimate Song Chart Awards and Favourite Male Singer and Favourite Song awards at the 2020 ceremony. That’s not all, Keung has also landed many endorsement deals, starring as the faces of luxury brands including Burberry, Cartier and Louis Vuitton.

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Edan Lui

Edan Lui is one of the very few members of Mirror who plays instruments for live performances. The star always catches the audiences’ attention with his funny personality, as well as obvious singing talents and piano playing skills.

The gifted young man also has a number of acting credits, including debut work We Are The Little Ones and the recent TV drama Ossan's Love—a remake of the popular Japanese series of the same title. The gay drama had swiftly become the talk of the town and won Edan, and also another Mirror member Anson Lo immense popularity thanks to their amazing chemistry and great performances in the show.

Together with the release of his long-awaited solo song Little Comedian (小諧星), Edan is one of the group’s most popular members on social media, boasting over 420k followers on Instagram. 

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Anson Lo

There are many things Anson Lo is good at—from singing to English speaking and acting, but one thing that makes him stand out is his remarkable dancing abilities. Having worked as a dance teacher and dancer before joining the band, Anson is no stranger to the spotlight. The 26-year-old star spent some of his formative years in front of the camera performing with celebrities, and as a result of his determination and persistence, he was able to get the audience and TV producers’ attention after participating in the ViuTV reality competition show, securing a spot in the boy band.

Today, Anson's versatility in dance styles and captivating moves are recognised as one of the most distinct aspects of Mirror. His profile rose even more after the release of TV gay drama Ossan's Love, winning thousands of hearts with his acting skills and magnetic on-camera presence. Also worth mentioning is his solo music which features great vocals, catchy melodies and cool choreography. His popular tracks including A Lifelong Misson (一所懸命), Burn Out and Unlovable Leader (不可愛教主) are must-adds to your playlist.  

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Frankie Chan

Always caring and charming, the oldest member of Mirror, Frankie Chan, is often considered to be the most underrated talent of the group by the media. Originally starting out as a dancer, Frankie has been constantly wowing audiences with not only his slick dance moves, but also his dedication to polishing his singing skills. Over the years, he has become more fierce and confident on stage, been stealing hearts in both group and solo performances.

In addition to his work as a Mirror member, Frankie has also capitalised on his passion for fashion with his own streetwear clothing brand Flakey. He will be also appearing in a soon-to-air TV drama produced by ViuTV, In Geek We Trust, along with leader Lokman Yeung.

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Anson Kong

Anson Kong is the vice-leader of Mirror, who is particularly known for his vocal and dancing abilities in addition to his authentic and caring personality. Before his debut, Anson once auditioned to become a K-pop idol trainee, but he didn’t get the chance to debut as plans for the new group were cancelled by the company.

After a few years of working as a dancer, he was determined to become an idol to showcase his talents to a wider audience—and eventually, he became a Mirror member and is one of the band’s most beloved vocalists. Aside from his impressive solo songs and performances, including Snail (蝸牛) and Black Breath (黑之呼吸), Anson also prided himself on his impeccable sense of style––made evident from his photoshoots with local magazines and luxury fashion brands.  

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Ian Chan

Ian Chan is a multi-talented artist known for his good looks, unique voice, style and acting. And if that’s not enough to leave you mesmerised yet, there’s more than meets the eye to this Mirror member. Ian is also extremely good at sports, and has been been an outstanding volleyball player since his secondary days. So, it came as no surprise when he was chosen to be the main lead of the popular sports drama We are the Littles by ViuTV, showing off his well-honed volleyball playing skills and great acting techniques throughout, despite being a rookie actor.

As one of the lead vocalists of Mirror, Ian is also consistently praised for his stable live vocals. Fans are always impressed by not only his excellent performances with the group, but also his work as a solo artist and prolific songwriter, Ian has been delivering a range of hit tracks including Another Nobel (另一個諾貝爾), Officially Begin (正式開始) and DWBF. He will also be releasing a new song this summer—stay tuned! 

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Jer Lau

Prior to joining Mirror, Jer Lau had already gained years of experience performing with his own band “Bromance”, as main vocalist and bassist in the group. Jer was determined to develop his singing talents after graduating from university, and had been dedicated to building his music career, but he didn’t really get the chance to shine until joining ViuTV’s reality competition show.

Jer didn’t make it to the final round, but his incredibly unique voice had attracted Ahfa Wong (the TV producer and manager of Mirror)’s attention. Though he planned on only becoming a solo singer, Jer was convinced by Wong to join Mirror—and today, he has become one of the band’s most prominent vocalists. If you’ve never heard of his solo tracks, including Water Story (水刑物語), Back Lights Story (迴光物語) and Madman’s Diary (狂人日記), make sure you do. Not your average love songs, his works touch on serious issues including depression and identity confusion. You’ll be inspired by the unique messages in his music.

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Lokman Yeung

You may know the leader of Mirror as the designated speaker of the group or by his hilarious mandarin Chinese tones and cool dance moves. Before joining Mirror, Lokman Yeung already has solid experience in dancing and acting under his belt, previously starring in the famous Hong Kong dance movie, The Way We Dance (2013).

As the frontman of the group, fans are often charmed by Lokman’s eloquence and cheerful personality, both on and off camera. His leadership skills are proven to be impressive and he's known to be mature and charismatic, taking good care of the rest of the group. Though Lokman is primarily a rapper and lead dancer for Mirror, he also has some serious vocal and acting skills. We definitely see why he’s selected as the leader of Mirror.  

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Stanley Yau

Known for his muscular stature and dazzling charm, Stanley Yau is another talented Mirror member to put on your radar. Similar to other members, Stanley was a dancer before joining the reality competition show to pursue an idol career. In addition to being a lead dancer for the group, Stanley is particularly known for his acting talents, who often displays his charm and ability to bring to life any character he plays—whether it’s the badminton player in TV drama Who Sells Bricks In Hong Kong or the property agent in Ossan’s Love.

It’s worth mentioning that Stanley is the only member of the group who made an overseas acting debut, where he previously appeared in Trinity of Shadows, a Taiwanese crime drama.

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Tiger Yau

Tiger Yau is the youngest member of Mirror, but his talent and achievements are not to be overlooked. Not only is he good at delivering energetic dance performances, but he's also made a name for himself as a skilled actor, with versatile performances in various TV dramas. (Fun fact: Tiger is also known for being a professional Latin dancer, and has received top ranks and awards at various competitions from a very young age.)

Take a quick scroll through Tiger’s Instagram account and you'll see how fashionable he is. Tiger's style is a unique blend of Japanese street style and casual sportswear. He has also taken his passion for fashion to a serious level, showing off his style and creativity with his own fashion brand, Dézert

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