Need a creative way to forever remember your BTS x McDonald's meal? Check out all the ways these BTS mega fans chose to do it

BTS fever has certainly hit fans and non-fans alike with the launch of the BTS McDonald's meal across Asia. 

The BTS Meal––which includes nine Chicken McNuggets, large fries, a large Coke, and exclusive sweet chilli and cajun dipping sauces inspired by popular recipes from McDonald's in South Korea––was quickly snapped up by fans with the fast-food restaurant seeing sold-out meals and long lines of delivery drivers waiting to pick up the purple boxes of joy. 

Of course, no true BTS fan could really just let this moment pass without trying to document it or save it in some way and they certainly succeeded in doing this.

From repurposing the packaging to craft earrings, bookmarks and even sneakers, here are the most creative ways BTS fans managed to save their BTS McDonald's meal boxes, cups and paper bags.

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1. Skip the Yeezys and go for these custom sneakers instead

2. If you need a coaster for your large BTS coke, this is the perfect one

3. Your dogs will be the envy of the neighbourhood with collars like this

4. Could there be a more perfect pair of earrings?

5. Need a bookmark anyone?

6. This is the perfect way to upcycle your old clothes

7. Listen to 'Butter' with this phone case on

8. Even your dolls can get in on the BTS action

9. Forget the diamonds and get your girlfriend a necklace she really wants this year

10. If you can't get over the meal, why not save it in your journal forever?

11. This keychain is hands down the perfect way to spruce up a bag

12. If this is not just the cutest bunny outfit, we don't know what is

13. Mini bags are still in

14. Instead of trying to save the cup, why not repurpose it instead

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