Enriching activities for Tatlings below 12 during the circuit breaker

Five weeks into the circuit breaker and a little more than two weeks to go, have you run out of ideas to engage your child with? While we’re all cooped up, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together at home and also become more involved in your Tatling’s enrichment and growth.

But what more can you do at home? Here are some ideas to keep your child entertained, and all you need is the Internet to put these activities into action.

1. Nurture a plant

If you’ve got some time on your hands, why not guide your Tatling into growing some herbs or vegetables? Gardening not only gives your child a hands-on lesson on botanical science, it also helps to bring them closer to nature and teaches them values like responsibility and patience. The best part? They can taste the fruits of their labour when it’s time for harvest. Local wellness company Super Farmers offers an Urban Farming kit with easy-to-grow vegetables including kang kong, Chinese kale, and chye sim, while Crops & Co offers a Basic Urban Farming Set with themes like Grow Your Own Pizza Topper, or Grow Your Own Mixed Salad.

2. Cook and bake

While you’re baking banana bread and burnt cheesecake, take this opportunity to bond with your child and let them helm the kitchen. Kids baking studio Little Cookhouse offers variety of no-bake or oven-baked kits to try with your child, including fondant cupcakes, jelly hearts, and a chocolate cake. For a dose of local flavour, The Little Things offers baking kits for kueh dadar, kueh lapis sagu, cheng tng, and more. Otherwise, try these simple French recipes from Le Bristol Paris’ Chef Éric Fréchon.

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Above (Image: Alex Wallace/Premier League Primary Stars)

3. Get moving

Is your Tatling restless from being cooped up at home? These home learning resources from Premier League Primary Stars will help him or her work on his or her locomotor skills. Motion captured from Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, the collection of videos will help guide your child into mastering simple football moves. Just make sure there are no furniture or appliances that could get in the way!

4. Indulge in the theatrics

Get your child started on appreciating arts and culture with fun initiatives from our local theatres. Faust International Youth Theatre is offering four online theatre programmes for families (do enquire on availability) between May 18 to 29, while Wild Rice is streaming its 2016 production, Monkey Goes West on Youtube until May 22. You can even download an activity book filled with suggestions for costumes and storytelling games to engage your Tatling.

5. Conduct a science experiment

Scientific experiments are a great way to encourage learning for children through observation and hands-on interactions. Toy stores like The Better Toy Store and Toys R’ Us offer plenty of science kits to engage Tatlings with, such as the Factory series that combines art and science, or a fun Glow In The Dark Slime Lab. If you’re ready to make this a long-term commitment, however, KiwiCo and Curious Kits offer subscription kits that will routinely deliver new educational activities to try.

6. Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t just for stressed urbanites, it’s important for children too. Get your Tatlings started practising mindfulness at a young age to help them stay focused, manage their emotions, and improve their mental wellbeing. Make use of popular apps like Stop, Breathe & Think Kids and Headspace for Kids, which offers simple and fun breathing exercises, meditation courses, and other mindfulness practices.

Youtube is another good resource for children's yoga classes and a popular channel is Cosmic Kids Yoga, which makes yoga fun for children by using popular stories from The Gruffalo to Frozen. There is also a guided relaxation series to encourage mindfulness. If you’re looking for a good yoga mat for your littles, Singaporean company Chalk and Chakras has beautifully illustrated kids yoga mats made with safe, sustainable materials, and can ship right to your doorstep.

7. Listen to a podcast

The best thing about podcasts is that the little ones can be entertained without the need for screen-time, and with little effort! Some tried-and-tested educational podcasts created for kids from 4 to 8 include Wow in the World, which is fronted by popular podcaster Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas; What Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids; and Brain On.

For something silly, try Noodle Loaf, a music-themed podcast. Story Pirates is another fun podcast, where a group of musicians, actors and celebrity guests put together songs and sketches based on stories submitted by children. There’s also The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, an award-winning science-fiction podcast that your kids will get hooked on, and is great for winding down after dinner too. All are available on your Apple Podcast app.

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