From her love for succulents to her stunning fashion moments, it’s hard not to fall a little in love with this rising star

Sure, there are talented actresses in Hollywood, but only a handful who routinely disappears into a role with a performance so captivating you find yourself deeply invested in their character and lost in their undeniable star power. Florence Pugh is one of the latter.

This list could have been a long longer, what with her unabashed body positivity, gorgeous experiments with beauty and accessories, and appreciation for yummy street-side treats (double-yes for supporting small, women-run businesses!), but the following are just some of the reasons we’re enamoured with Pugh.

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1. She brought her grandmother to the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ premiere

The entire cast of Don’t Worry Darling dazzled on the red carpet, but Pugh, in a sparkling black Valentino gown, definitely had the best date. The actress brought her “Granzo Pat” to the Venice Film Festival premiere, and made the sweetest headlines that film has received in recent months.

It’s not the first time Pugh has walked a red carpet with her family. Back in 2020 she brought her parents to the Oscars, but it seems Pugh has a special relationship with her nan, and we love how tenderly she holds her hand whenever she posts about her grandmother.

2. She makes fun fashion choices

Whether she’s at a premiere, an award show or on a press tour, Pugh slays with vibrant looks that are glamorous, bold and always just a little quirky. 

This biker babe meets garden party lady Dior get-up is only one of many unforgettable looks from the 26-year-old, and it’s hard to pick a favourite, but we also love this black and pink Carolina Herrera number that’s serving two very different vibes. 

3. She loves tea

Being English it would be no great surprise should Pugh subscribe to the belief that a good cup of tea fixes all of life’s problems, but it is fun to see just how excited she is about tea. So much so that when Yorkshire Tea gifted her a personalised box of teabags labelled “Florence’s Tea” it sent her “over the moon!”

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4. She’s a plant-mum

From thanking Bafta for her nomination accompanied by two of her cacti to going on Instagram stories asking her followers for advice on how to save an ailing moon cactus she’d named Barry, Pugh adores plants, succulents and cacti in particular. (And snails.)

With so many of us filling our homes with plants during the pandemic, her love of green things already made her super relatable. Add accidentally killing her plants like the rest of us made Pugh even more relatable. 

5. She loves food and cooking

Staying on the home front, another endearing quality about Pugh is how much she loves to cook, and says she finds it “therapeutic”.

During the pandemic, Pugh took to Instagram and shared recipes in her “Cooking with Flo” series in which she made dishes from scratch and just talked to camera while she prepared what looked like delicious meals. Some celebrity ventures make little sense, but if Pugh ever opened a restaurant we’d like a reservation ASAP, please.

6. She is wonderfully goofy

Whether she’s hanging out with her celebrity pals or a fallen chilli on the kitchen floor, Pugh seems like she’d be a joy to be around.

From making funny faces with Dash Barber whilst making Little Women, for which she was Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 2020, to testing out a new travel pillow, Pugh strikes us as a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She also looks like great fun at a party.

7. She takes us behind the scenes

When we love a film, it’s hard not to wonder what it was like during production, especially when it’s a drama or horror. Delightfully, Pugh is enthusiastic about bringing her fans along for the ride with behind the scenes peek at her projects when time comes to drum up press for a film.

Ari Aster’s 2019 horror-thriller Midsommar is a firm favourite for those who love the genre for its character-driven story, bright pastoral aesthetics, and deeply disturbing plot that touches upon trauma, grief and abuse. Yet it looks like the cast had a ball making a film that scared us to our very souls.

8. She puts in the work

Pugh was so loved for her role as Natasha Romanoff’s little sister Yelena Belova in Marvel’s Black Widow (2021) fans were thrilled when she reprised her role in Hawkeye (2021) on Disney+. As with any MCU project, Pugh was put through her paces to become a deadly Russian assassin, and offered a glimpse of the hard work that went into becoming Yelena.

We also love that she thanks her support network whenever she can. From acknowledging the hard work of her Black Widow stuntwomen to fulling tagging her glam team whenever she posts an event look, Pugh always gives credit where credit is due.

9. She supports and celebrates other women

Pugh is an absolute champion of other women, and that’s evident in the projects she chooses to be in, but she also openly lifts up fellow females in her industry.

Whether it’s for co-stars like Scarlett Johansson or simply being thrilled for someone else’s success, such as Zendaya’s Emmy win for Euphoria, Pugh is unbridled in her enthusiasm.

10. She challenges society’s targeting of women

Last but certainly not least, when Pugh worn that pink Valentino tulle gown with its sheer top to Valentino’s Rome couture show earlier this year, she was well aware it would generate sexism and criticism online. 

After the expected vitriol over her nipples being visible and her breast size, Pugh took to Instagram too call out “how easy it is for men to totally destroy a woman’s body, publicly, proudly, for everyone to see... I’ve lived in my body for a long time. I’m fully aware of my breast size and am not scared of it.”

You go, Miss Flo.

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