Here are a few tried-and-true blockbusters that are enjoyable for kids, adults, and everyone in between!

Tired of rewatching the kids' favourite TV shows? Take control of next weekend's family movie time with these fun picks that are surely enjoyable for viewers of all ages. Don't be left out of the fun and give these A+ flicks a try.

1. Mary Poppins Returns

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Mary Poppins Returns | Photo: IMDB
Above Mary Poppins Returns | Photo: IMDB

With Emily Blunt in the titular role, audiences (of all ages) will surely enjoy her quirky and charismatic portrayal of the iconic character. Lin Manuel-Miranda adds his own flair to the film as well, playing the jolly lamplighter, Jack. Chockfull of musical numbers and whimsical moments, Mary Poppins Returns is a great movie to watch even with young kids. 

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2. Inside Out

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Inside Out | Photo: Disney Movies
Above Inside Out | Photo: Disney Movies

Anyone else cry during the Bing-bong scene? Relive this incredibly touching movie with the rest of the family and discover the inner-workings of one's emotional life. Although this animated film was primarily marketed for young adults, there's no shortage of life lessons to be found here, no matter your age. 

3. Soul

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Soul | Photo: Disney Movies
Above Soul | Photo: Disney Movies

Looking for a reason to watch Soul? How about two Oscars under its belt? Taking home the coveted Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score, this movie is a must-watch for its beautiful writing and overall execution. Raising questions about selfhood, being, and one's purpose on earth—there's plenty to enjoy and ponder upon. For a more in-depth review of this film, read here

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4. Coco

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Coco | Photo: Disney Movies
Above Coco | Photo: Disney Movies

Another animated feature that's a feast for the eyes, Coco is definitely not one to miss. With something for every member of the family, this heart-wrenching film explores existence after death. A few musical numbers are thrown in, there's a betrayal or two, and even a nerve-wracking action sequence—Coco will keep you on your toes and your kids' eyes glued on the screen (at least for once). 

5. Enchanted

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Enchanted | Photo: Disney Movies
Above Enchanted | Photo: Disney Movies

Oh, Giselle! There are so many reasons to love and rewatch this now-iconic film, but the chemistry between Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams definitely takes the cake. With ridiculous villains, over-the-top song numbers, the busy streets of New York, and a dotting father falling head-over-heels for a cartoon princess come to life... some adults might just end up enjoying this even more than their little ones!

6. Zootopia

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Zootopia | Photo: Disney Movies
Above Zootopia | Photo: Disney Movies

This animated feature film is surprisingly thought-provoking. Touching on themes about society, fairness, and even justice, Zootopia will surely keep you at the edge of your seat (despite its uber-cute characters). It's a great movie to see with young kids as a fun teachable moment beckons in the horizon as the end credits roll. 

7. Mulan

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Mulan | Photo: Disney Movies
Above Mulan | Photo: Disney Movies

Yes, not the live feature version. Follow this film's eponymous lead as she high-kicks her way around challenges and unsightly villains; all the while, discover lessons about duty, family, and selfhood. Not to mention, you'll have the soundtrack on repeat soon after you finish the film. Don't miss out on Lea Salonga's iconic performance of Reflection. 

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