As a key member in some juicy drama involving Kane Lim, you have to know who Dorothy Wang is before binge-watching the new season

Bling Empire season two premiered last week and it’s safe to say that Netflix’s most glitzy and glamourous show yet did not disappoint. With the addition of two new cast members and a whole lot of drama and piping hot tea, it’s safe to say that this season is one that is easy to binge (which the Tatler team totally did over the long weekend).

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This season’s new faces are Mimi Morris, a Vietnamese woman who has married rich and Dorothy Wang, an accomplished entrepreneur and the daughter of the head honcho of real estate firm Golden Eagle International.

If you haven’t seen the season yet, we won’t spoil it for you but Wang does play a pretty crucial role, particularly as she gets into some major drama with the show’s favourite, Kane Lim

If you have no idea who Wang is though, keep reading for everything you need to know about her. 

1. She was born in Beverly Hills

Wang was born in Beverly Hills in 1988 to her parents, Vivine Wang and Roger Wang. Wang is an American citizen and has Taiwanese-Chinese-American ethnicity.

Growing up, Wang attended some of the most luxurious Californian schools including the University of Southern California. 

2. Her father is currently worth US$3.5 billion

Like most of the cast of Bling Empire, Dorothy Wang, unsurprisingly, also comes from money and her parents, Vivine Wang and Roger Wang, are pretty well-known. 

Roger Wang is a self-made billionaire who moved from Taiwan to the United States. He started building condos around Los Angeles, which initially helped him build his wealth.

Currently, he heads real estate firm Golden Eagle International which builds malls and office buildings in eastern China and is worth US$3.5 billion. This year, he made the Forbes billionaire list as the 835th wealthiest person globally.

Vivine Wang, on the other hand, supports her husband’s business and donates heavily to charitable entities. 

3. Dorothy has a real estate licence and a number of businesses

Wang herself is quite the entrepreneur and actually holds a real estate license. However, it appears that she is no longer practising (from what we know) and has shifted her focus to her other business pursuits.

These include a travel website where she gives readers travel tips, her own jewellery line, Fabuluxe, and a champagne brand that she launched called Rich and Bubbly.

4. She is worth millions

It’s no secret that Wang is rich. With her many entrepreneurial pursuits as well as the wealth of her parents, Wang is actually worth a whopping US$10 million, according to Women’s Health Magazine.

5. She has been on multiple reality shows in the past

Did you know that Bling Empire is actually not Wang’s first foray into reality television? Rather, the star has been on multiple reality shows before including Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and later, Famously Single.

Wang was on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for all four seasons which aired from 2014 to 2016. She starred alongside Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Jonny Drubel and Roxy Sowlaty on the show.

6. She may be part of a ‘Bling Empire’ spinoff

As we saw on the show, Wang has decided to move from Los Angeles to New York and right now, there are rumours swirling that she will be starring in a new Netflix show that is a spin-off from Bling Empire

The spinoff reportedly will be set in New York City but will focus on Wang’s lavish lifestyle as well as those of her friends. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.


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