From feel-good rom-coms to action-packed films to literary classics, these are the best book-to-movie adaptations to binge-watch on Netflix right now

It’s no secret that Netflix is a bottomless treasure trove of entertainment when it comes to binge-watching. Whether it’s inspiring travel shows, top K-dramas, true crime documentaries or cult classic movies, Netflix never really gives a chance to its fans to feel monotonous with its continuous addition of new programmes. But do you know that the streaming giant also has a reputation for offering great book-to-movie adaptations?  

Ahead, we’ve compiled a list of films and dramas on Netflix that have been adapted from, or inspired by popular novels and the best literary works of all time. Whether you’re looking for something new to add to your weekend movie marathon, or simply want to check whether Netflix has done your favourite book justice, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes on the list. Expect feel-good rom-coms, historical dramas, literary classics and many more.

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1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy

This is one of the best teen rom-coms on Netflix that anyone can fall for. Based on a series of romance novels by Jenny Han, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before centres on a teenage girl, Lara Jean (Lana Condor), who accidentally sends love letters to her crushes. The trilogy follows Lara through the adventure of falling in love with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo)—one of the guys she wrote a letter to—where the couple navigate typical complications of being a teenager and delightfully drawn familial relationships.

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2. The Last Thing He Wanted (2020)

Based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Joan Didion, The Last Thing He Wanted is a political thriller that follows a veteran DC journalist (Anne Hathaway) as she investigates an international arms dealer in which her father (Willem Dafoe) is involved. Expect tons of gripping moments, captivating action and an amazing performance by the actors.

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3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

A heartfelt and truthful adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s best-selling novel of the same name, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a moving story about Charlie (Logan Lerman), an introverted freshman who is struggling with depression as a result of his best friend’s suicide. Charline then meets the two energetic souls—Sam (Emma Watson) and her stepbrother Patrick (Ezra Miller)—who help him rediscovering the joys of making new friends, experiencing first love, enjoying music and more.

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4. Little Women (2019)

Featuring a star-studded cast of Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson and Timotée Chalamet, Greta Gerwig's film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s timeless novel Little Women is proven to be refreshing and innovative. Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, the story follows the four March sisters—Meg, Beth, Amy and Jo—and their different ambitions. The women teach us to not take no for an answer, and fight for what you believe in.

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5. The Queen's Gambit (2020)

A hugely popular Netflix series that deserves a spot on your radar, The Queen’s Gambit is a historical drama series that adapted from the 1983 novel by Walter Tevis. The show revolves around the life of an orphan chess prodigy, Elizabeth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), who strives to become the world's greatest chess player while struggling with emotional problems and drug and alcohol addiction.

As well as being a faithful adaptation of the book, the series is also praised for being an entertaining and visually beautiful work to watch, where audiences will enjoy lush cinematics and be amazed by the glamorous 1950s and 60s outfits Taylor Joy wore in the show. 

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6. Altered Carbon (2018)

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, chances are you’ve already seen this cyberpunk thriller series that’s both a compelling drama and a rock-solid example of action flicks. Based on Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 novel of the same name, Altered Carbon is one of the most popular page-to-screen Netflix Original adaptations, which is set in a future world where human consciousness can be digitalised, preserve and transferred from body to body. The series follows a prisoner Takeshi Kovac (Joel Kinnaman) as he has been “uploaded” to a new body by a wealthy man (James Purefoy) and must solve a murder to get his freedom back.

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7. Behind Her Eyes (2021)

Looking for a real, absolute distraction from the current state of the world? This suspenseful psychological thriller could be a great one to add to your queue if you enjoy shows that make your heart race. Based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel of the same name, Behind Her Eyes centres on a single mother, Louise (Simona Brown), enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her new boss (Tom Bateman) while secretly befriending his wife. Bonus: it’s a quick 6-episode series that will make for a simple weekend binge.

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8. Rebecca (2020)

A modern update on Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 gothic novel, this movie is a romantic thriller that tells the story of a newlywed who finds herself living in the shadow of her new husband’s late wife, Rebecca, an elegant and prestigious woman. Some say the film has taken the supernatural sense of Rebecca’s haunting a step further when compared to all the past adaptations, but we'll leave it up to you to judge.

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9. All The Bright Places (2020)

This romantic film has won over many hearts when it was released last year, thanks to its charismatic leads and a touching story plot. Based on the popular young adult novel by Jennifer Niven, All The Bright Places follows Theodore Finch (Justice Smith) and Violet Markey (Elle Fanning), two Indiana high schoolers who fall for each other in the midst of dealing with their past psychological traumas. 

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10. Alias Grace (2017)

An excellent adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s award-winning novel, Alias Grace follows a young Irish immigrant and domestic servant in 19th-century Canada, who was imprisoned for murdering her employer and a housekeeper. She is then interviewed by a young psychiatrist, Dr. Simon Jordan, whose goal is to prove her innocence. 

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11. The Angel (2018)

Love action movies that packed with all the tension, unnerving twists and dramatic moments of a great spy novel? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more exciting film than The Angel. Based on the non-fiction book The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel written by Uri Bar-Joseph, the movie features a true story of an Egyptian man, Ashraf Marwan, a billionaire who became a spy for Israel and helped achieve peace between the two nations.

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12. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (2019)

Not only is this inspiring tale based on a book, but it's also based on a true story. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind follows a young boy named William Kamkwamba (Maxwell Simba) who saved his village in Malawi from famine by constructing an electricity-producing wind turbine. The movie is filled with meaningful life lessons that teach us never to lose hope and keep doing our best to achieve our dreams.  

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13. The Haunting Of Hill House (2018)

Inspired by the 1969 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting Of Hill House is a must-watch for those who’re looking for Netflix series to quench their thirst for supernatural mystery. The show revolves around the Crain family, who confronts past haunting memories and traumas experienced in the mansion they once lived in. With a well-written plot, spectacular visual effects and great performances by the entire cast, it's got a pretty solid cult following and is well worth the watch. 

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