The second season of the hit Netflix series certainly delivered a good dose of drama. Here are the moments that we’re still thinking about

Bling Empire is back, and with all the glitz and glamour that come with following the lives of the crazy rich Asians of Los Angeles, there’s also a heavy dose of drama.

For Season 2, the Netflix series sees the return of the cast members that we got familiar with in the first season, including Singapore-born millionaire Kane Lim, the sassy and shy heiress Anna Shay, DJ Kim Lee, Korean-American model Kevin Kreider and the catty Christine Chiu.

This season, however, a few new faces join their circle, namely billionaire heiress and reality TV veteran Dorothy Wang, as well as Vietnam-born model and entrepreneur Mimi Morris.

With their diverse personalities, the colourful cast is set up for some pretty interesting interactions on the show. Below, we highlight the moments that had us gasping, laughing, or simply scratching our heads.

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1. Cherie Chan’s Partner Jessey Lee Was Married When They Met

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee spent much of the first season getting around to being engaged, but if fans were looking forward to a glimpse of their secret wedding—for which Chan wore a Nicole + Felicia bridal gown with a train over 10 feet long—they were sorely disappointed.

In fact, the show even implies that the two got together as a couple under dubious circumstances: Lee was allegedly still legally married to his ex-wife Crystal, with whom he has two children, when he began seeing Chan, and Chan herself broke up with her boyfriend to be with Lee. Still, a lot of this is just gossip; Chan and Lee left the show without explaining their side of the story, leaving both viewers and their friends, including Kane Lim, hanging.

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2. Kane Lim Gets a Thread Lift

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Above Kane Lim after getting a facelift (Photo: Netflix)

On the second episode, Kane Lim brought fellow cast member Kelly Mi Li along as he got his face done by aesthetic doctor T.J. Tsay. After being anaesthetised by a ketamine tablet—which is a horse tranquilliser—Lim was treated to a face lift done by needle and thread. Li watched in horror as Lim’s nose and chin is threaded in order to promote the growth of collagen to his face. It’s a painful price to pay for beauty, but one that Lim admits he has no qualms about as he’s used to getting Botox and fillers to treat himself.

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3. Anna Shay Shows Off Her Weapons Collection

Anna Shay’s luxurious abodes have been known to house some interesting specimens; a penis pump was the centre of controversy in the first season, and cast members have noted that there were quite a few spirits dwelling in her old mansion. As Christine Chiu visits the reclusive heiress’ sprawling new estate this season, we got a glimpse of Shay’s gun collection, proudly displayed on a wall much to Chiu’s shock.

Shay didn’t explain why she had a wall for weapons, but it may have to do with where her wealth comes from. As Kane Lim noted in the first season, Shay’s “money comes from weapons. Her father sells bombs, guns, defence technology.” It’s easy to see why Chiu would be shaken up after hearing that Shay has threatened to end her.

4. Kelly Mi Li Tries a Different Sort of Sunbathing

In an effort to become a more confident woman after her breakup, Kelly Mi Li seeks out the help of sexual empowerment coach Lauren “Shewolf” White. The latter suggests an eyebrow-raising way for Li to tap into her femininity and sexuality: by baring her derrière to soak up the sun’s “energy”. The two women bare their buttocks in Li’s backyard, demonstrating one of the most questionable forms of alternative therapy that the show has spotlighted so far.

5. Kane Lim and Dorothy Wang Face Off Over Lunch

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Above Photo: Netflix

The new season showed us another side of the amiable Kane Lim, thanks to the addition of Dorothy Wang. As Lim shares, he has been trying to be friends with Wang, a billionaire heiress, for years. But Wang doesn’t have a good impression of Lim, who she says pettily competed with her friend on Instagram. In an effort to make them see eye to eye, Jaime Xie invites them both to lunch, but the two were already arguing before the appetisers could be served. Lim storms off, deeply offended, in what may be one of his most dramatic outbursts on the show.

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6. Kevin Kreider Reveals He’s a Recovering Addict

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Bling Empire. (L to R) Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee in episode 204 of Bling Empire. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022
Above Photo: Netflix

With his good looks and charismatic personality, it may be unimaginable to some that Kreider is a recovering addict. But that’s what the Korean-American model admitted to when on a date with Kim Lee. As a show of vulnerability and authenticity, he reveals that he’s in a 12-step program and regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

Speaking about his addiction in a past interview, Kreider shared, “I wasn’t booking jobs, was depressed, anxious, broke, and turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and emotions.” On Bling Empire, he also alludes to how his addiction affected his relationship with his family and friends. Luckily, Kreider managed to turn things around for himself—he is now 6 years sober and a beloved cast member of one of Netflix’s hottest shows.

7. Kim Lee Asks For (and Fails) a Lie Detector Test

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Above Photo: Netflix

A key storyline for the second season is the romance between Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee; the latter, having had her heart broken before, doesn’t feel quite ready to fall in love. And it becomes quite apparent that she’s not ready for a relationship when her trust issues come to the surface and she asks, audaciously, for Kreider to take a lie detector test. Kreider eventually concedes to Lee’s request on the condition that she does the test too.

During an intense scene, Kreider answers Lee’s intimate questions about his feelings for her—which, he truthfully answered that he had—but as the tables turned, some uncomfortable truths were revealed: contrary to her responses, Lee still loves her ex, and she doesn’t have feelings for Kreider. This is followed with a fight that was even harder to watch, with Kreider visibly upset about being led on and Lee brushing off his feelings as though he were simply overreacting. One thing became immediately clear: the two may look good together, but they certainly shouldn’t be together.

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