Stuck in a lull for ideas of what to do and where to go this summer with your kids? From cooking classes to five-star hotel programmes and fitness workshops, scroll down to discover a list of fun family-friendly activities to enjoy in town for a memorable holiday break

There’s never been a better time to rediscover the wonderful city that we call home, particularly given we can’t travel the world. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the sunny weather with outdoor activities, have a luxurious staycation experience or explore new hobbies with your family, we've got something to suit all tastes.

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1. Learn to cook together

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Above Photo: Courtesy of The Little Kitchen

What better way to bond with your kids than preparing and enjoying scrumptious dishes together? Not only cooking classes are a great way for littles one to gain culinary knowledge and practical skills, but it’s also a good opportunity for them to learn to be more independent and responsible. Get creative in the workshops designed by The Little Kitchen, where families can learn how to make decorative desserts and savoury dishes. Also worth checking out is Cooktown, which offers a variety of parent-child cooking courses ranging from cute animal cupcakes to pasta making. 

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2. Enjoy a five-star staycation

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Rosewood Hong Kong

As much as we love getting out and exploring the great outdoors, few things beat staying in a five-star hotel with excellent food offerings and fun leisure activities provided. This summer, families are spoilt for choice with a wide selection of seasonal packages curated by some of the most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong.  
Apart from Rosewood Hong Kong’s "Summer at Rosewood" staycation package, which features a plethora of activities tailored for the kids and the whole family (such as yoga workshops, movie nights and even off-site camping experiences and sailing sessions), other hotels such as Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong have also prepared a series of exclusive offers to bring families an unforgettable summer holiday.

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3. Sail on Victoria Harbour

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Above Aqua Luna on Victoria Harbour (Photo: Getty Images)

There are plenty of ways for you to admire Hong Kong’s beautiful skyline, but there’s nothing quite like sailing on Victoria Harbour on an iconic Hong Kong-style red sail junk boat—Aqua Luna—a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every family should put on their schedule for the summer weekend.  
As well as offering 45-minute loops around the harbour in both the daytime and evening, where guests can relax on the lounges and soak in the view with a refreshing drink in hand, Aqua Luna also offers a package that includes a ride on the cruise for the Symphony of Lights show and a meal at the prestigious Chinese restaurant, Hutong

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4. Join a fun-filled Hong Kong cultural tour

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A living fusion of East and West, Hong Kong has many sides to its charming personality that not every busy urbanite has the time to explore the city to the fullest. This summer, spend some quality time with your family and create meaningful holiday memories by enjoying some quintessential Hong Kong experiences together.

From indulging in local flavours to exploring the beautiful countryside and embarking on heritage walks, there are countless intriguing guided tours available to book in town. Check out Hong Kong’s official tourism guide, Discover Hong Kong, for details, or browse through the catalogues from Hello Hong Kong Tours, Walk Hong Kong and Hong Kong Foodie Tours for more choices. 

5. Visit a local farm

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Above Photo: Courtesy of zen Organic Farm

Looking for a solution to break your tots' addiction towards using electronic devices? Bring the kids to the local farms and let them reconnect with nature for a change of scenery this season. At Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, visitors will be able to soak up the greenery and view a variety of cute creatures such as parrots, flamingos, owls and even boars. It also has a handicraft centre where kids can sit and create beautiful nature-inspired art. Woodblock and natural tree-ring printing workshops are available, too. 
If you feeling like getting your hands dirty, visit Living Farm and join their organic farming classes to learn how to grow and take care of your own crops. It’s a great exercise as your kids will learn to cherish their food and understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. zen Organic Farm is also an amazing place to visit for a fun experience of picking your own fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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6. Enjoy private family yoga classes

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Whether it is for health rejuvenation, a form of exercise or a wellness journey to reach deep relaxation, the ancient practice from India has a lot to offer. Yoga is not limited to adults, so let your little ones explore the mat, too! Book for a fun private yoga session at Inspire Yoga, where families with children from four years to teenagers can learn a variety of poses that improve strength, flexibility, mood, and concentration under the guidance of experienced tutors.  

7. Go bowling

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar

Don’t let the muggy weather ruin your mood on those rainy weekends—stay indoors and keep your kids entertained all day long with some bowling fun. Head to Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar, a well-liked bowling space where you can bond with your kids and enjoy leisurely games in a beautiful tropical-themed setting. The place offers refreshing drinks for kids and adults to enjoy while hitting the lanes—think exotic cocktails served in coconut shells, beer, juices and mocktails. 

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