"The Laakmolen Near The Hague" by Vincent Van Gogh and "Vernon, Soleil" by Claude Monet are part of the main highlights of Sotheby's Impressionist, Modern & Contemporary Art Evening Sale on December 8

In addition to Pablo Picasso's Buste de Femme Assise, paintings from renowned artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet are set to be part of a new cross-category auction by Sotheby's. The artworks, The 'Laakmolen' Near The Hague by Vincent Van Gogh and Vernon, Soleil by Claude Monet highlight a daring work by Van Gogh and Monet's Impressionism style.

Van Gogh's piece captures his time in The Hague and the Dutch windmill in the painting holds sentimental importance for the artist as he visited it with his younger brother, Theo years prior. Before this art piece, Van Gogh mainly focused on developing his study of the human figure. In 1882, the year the work was executed, he began to shift his focus and instilled a renewed sense of confidence.

He then began to devote himself to the study of landscapes and enhance his draughtsmanship, eventually paving the way for his use of colour and more advanced rendering present in The 'Laakmolen' near The Hague. Estimated to cost US$2–3 million, the painting showcases how Van Gogh was forging his own style, freeing himself from the style influenced his contemporaries.

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Vernon, Soleil by Claude Monet
Above Claude Monet's Vernon, Soleil is estimated at US$4–6 million (Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby's)

On the other hand, Claude Monet's painting, Vernon, Soleil is a classic example of his innovative style in creating an evocative atmosphere that was no longer purely just a vessel to capture his en plein air (air painting or painting outdoors) naturalism but also as a venture to fulfil his pursuit of an abstract vision. After Monet moved to the village of Giverny in Normandy in 1883, he dedicated himself to documenting the surrounding countryside and began returning to the same motif at different times of day, in different weather conditions and seasons.

The painting was executed in 1894 and is part of a series of seven canvases focused on the Gothic church in Vernon. Vernon, Soleil is being offered by Brooklyn Museum's collection, in support of its collection. It's estimated at US$4–6 million.

The Impressionist, Modern & Contemporary Art Evening Sale is taking place on December 8 in New York and will be live-streamed to the world at Sotheby's official website. Interested bidders can place their bidders with Sotheby's specialists via phone or Sotheby's interactive online bidding platform.

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