Revel in the beauty of Korea’s natural backdrop and ponder the embodied philosophies expressed through the distinctively diverse brushstrokes of three renowned Korean artists

COVER - Lee Sea Hyun 李世賢 b.1967 Between Red – 015OCT01 紅色之間-015OCT01, 2015 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 150 x 150 cm; 59 1_8 x 59 1_8 in.jpgAs one of the preeminent genres of traditional fine arts in Korea, landscape painting embodies the beauty of Korea’s mountainous landscape as well as the cultural traditions and philosophies inspired by the nature.

Contemporary Sansuhwa features a group exhibition introducing modern Korean landscape painting and showcasing works by three prominent Korean artists including Lee Sea Hyun, Moon Beom and Whang Inkie.

The exhibition is presented by Pearl Lam Galleries and curated by Switzerland-based art advisor Miki Wick-Kim.

With works that represent contemporary landscape painting from very diverse points of view, the art pieces in this exhibition embrace new inspirations, themes and processes offered by these artists:

Moon Beom

Moon Beom 文凡 b.1955 Slow, Same #676 緩慢,相同 #676, 2008 Acrylic and oil stick on panel 布面、油畫棒、丙烯 55 x 153 x 7 cm; 21 5_8 x 60 1_4 x 2 3_4 in. .jpgExemplified by Monochrome art of the 1970s, Moon Beom’s artworks are an abstract and bleak expression of the natural world. Drawing inspirations from mountains, waterfalls, clouds and foliage, his pieces indeed reflect philosophical concepts more than representational elements.

Lee Sea Hyun

Lee Sea Hyun 李世賢 b.1967 Between Red – 014AUG03 紅色之間-014AUG03, 2014 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 70 x 130 cm; 27 1_2 x 51 1_8 in. .jpgAudacious yet meticulous, Lee Sea Hyun’s red-on-white artworks are a collision of his memories of a now disappearing natural world with a critical reflection on Korea’s modern sociopolitical panorama. Lee’s fragmented landscapes weave together historical references, trauma and the conflicts present within a rapidly modernised South Korea.

Whang Inkie

Whang Inkie 黃仁基 b.1951 An Old Breeze-Snow Mountain-2015 往日微風-雪山-2015, 2015 Swarovski synthetic crystals and acrylic paint on canvas  182 x 182 x 6 cm; 71 5_8 x 71 5_8 x 2 3_8 in.jpg

Taking center stage in Whang Inkie’s creations is materiality, in which he constructs works merging Eastern tradition with contemporary technology.

Paying tribute to canonical Korean and Chinese landscape paintings by classical painters, his dazzling and semi-abstract works reflect the blend of deep-rooted traditions, hypermodernity and individual experimentation faced by many modern Korean artists.

Contemporary Sansuhwa Group Exhibition
Date: January 15 to March 1
Time: Monday – Saturday, 10:00am – 7:00pm
Venue: Pearl Lam Galleries, 6/F, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central

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