Asia Tatler checks into Singapore Tyler Print Institute, which deals in fine art prints and works on paper, to see how it’s engaging a larger audience for contemporary art
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Above Ong Boo Chai, Michael Koh, Peter Nagy and Emi Eu

As director of Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), Emi Eu oversees the selection of artists both international and regional, for an exciting melange of works that ultimately push the institute’s objectives of pushing the envelope in the realm of printmaking and papermaking, creating edition prints and unique works on paper. Aside from holding exhibitions, STPI also organises workshops and activities that aim to further engage audiences.

This week, STPI hosts a collaborative exhibition with New York-based gallery Lehmann Maupin at Art Stage Singapore, featuring the work of artists including Ashley Bickerton, Do Ho Suh, and Teresita Fernández. On that note, we caught up with Eu about her work at STPI and how it’s driving contemporary art forward.

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Above Trenton Doyle Hancock Gallery at STPI

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Asia Tatler: What are you looking for when you choose artists to work with at Singapore Tyler Print Institute?
Emi Eu:
We look for artists who are recognised for their artistic practice, visual appeal and conceptual rigour, who we feel will bring a fresh new approach working with paper and print.

AT: What is your vision for STPI, and how do you wish for it to contribute to Singapore’s art scene?
STPI is a catalyst and advocate for new ideas, dialogues and developments for contemporary art in paper and print. Through our creative workshop collaborations with artists from all over the world, we hope to continue engaging audiences with innovative exhibitions and programmes where works by contemporary artists can be discovered in unique and engaging ways.

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Above Tabaimo Gallery at STPI

AT: STPI holds regular workshops and activities for members and the public – what role does the education aspect play in the context of STPI’s objectives?
It’s a very important vehicle that engages with our audiences directly and deeply on the vast scope of contemporary art, print and papermaking. In addition, the exhibition walkthroughs and workshops conducted here for schools and community groups provide exposure, deepen the understanding of contemporary art as it’s a reflection of our lives and time.

AT: How do you foresee the local art scene progressing in the next five to ten years?
The level of artistic engagement in the city has reached new levels and I hope it will continue to intensify, broaden its audience reach and foster more creative dialogues beyond Singapore with the larger global artistic community,

AT: What type of art do you personally love? What kind of pieces would one find in your home?
Most art pieces in my home are conceptually based works in various media: objects, paintings, drawings and photography.

AT: Complete this sentence: “Art is…”
An important component of one's personal puzzle.

Singapore Tyler Print Institute is at 41 Robertson Quay, Tel: 6336 3663

Photos: Singapore Tyler Print Institute

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