It's no secret that Korean band BTS have become global superstars seemingly overnight. Although they've produced no shortage of excellent music and content as a group since their debut in 2013, each member also has numerous solo songs under their belt. As many fans anticipate his birthday on 9 March, we list down a few of our favourite hits from BTS's second-oldest hyung, Min Yoon-gi, better known as Suga:

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan; Beyond the Scene), is a Korean group composed of seven members. Having dominated charts with their hit single, Dynamite, it's difficult to deny their star power and presence in pop culture. Of the seven members, three are rappers (RM, Suga, and J Hope) and the other four form the vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook). Together, they've released 16 albums.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 21: K-pop boy band BTS visit the SiriusXM Studios on February 21, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
Above BTS visit the SiriusXM Studios on February 21, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Suga has numerous production credits to his name and two solo mixtapes out on Spotify, produced under the moniker Agust D. Here are a few of his solo tracks and collaborations to check out:

1. Daechwita

Daechwita's MV has banked 200,834,447 views as of writing. This hit single from Suga's second solo mixtape, D-2, boasts not only incredible arrangement and the rapper's signature lyricism but also a music video that can rival any number of Netflix dramas. This song brings to light Suga's intricate take on writing—symbolism and historical references abound—and shows off his skills as a producer as he samples traditional Korean sounds with trap beats.

2. People

Feeling existential? Put this song on repeat. Another track from D-2People is a reflection on being and becoming. Poignant lyrics paired with an earworm beat make this a truly memorable track.

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3. Interlude: Shadow

From the Billboard-topping BTS album Map of the Soul: 7, this solo track by Suga can be seen as his personal reflection on their career as a band and the price of success. The entire album explores the difficulties of stardom, fame, and artistry by using imageries of light and darkness. "People say, there's splendour in that bright light/ but my growing shadow swallows me," Suga sings in this interlude. The MV itself adds another layer of introspection to the track, check it out below:


4. Eight ft. IU

You may know IU from hit dramas like My Mister or Hotel De Luna but this multifaceted artist also has several music albums to her name. Eight is an award-winning track produced by and featuring Suga. Treat your ears to IU's silky vocals and give this song a listen!

Tatler Trivia: The MV features the same set used in BTS's Life Goes On video. 

5. So Far Away ft. SURAN

Ever the pensive rapper, Suga speaks about the difficulty of chasing one's dream in this R&B track. SURAN's vocals and the catchy hook make this a must-add to your playlist. 

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6. The Last

Suga has also been known to be the most outspoken member of BTSHe has been vocal about his struggles with depression, anxiety, and expectations of society. In this track, he tackles all that and more. Give this a listen to get an understanding of the artist's take on life and mental health. 

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7. Trivia: Seesaw

This hit from the BTS album Love Yourself: Answer is a crowd favourite for Suga fans because it features the rapper singing. From the title itself, this song reflects on a relationship gone stale, with arguments going seemingly nowhere as if two people on a seesaw. For those who are impartial to live performances, Suga's stage version of this song also features epic set design and choreography. 

8. Strange ft. RM

RM, or Rap Monster, is BTS's leader. In this song from D-2, the two rappers bring their brains together for another philosophical track. Contemplating on systemic greed and wealth, Suga and RM drop truth bombs left and right as they criticise modern work-life/ slavery. A line from Suga's verse goes, "Capitalism injects a morphine called ‘hope’ as collateral for dreams". The rap duo outperforms each other in this unforgettable collab. 

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9. What do you think?

This song features a catchy alliteration for its hook, putting the artist's technique as producer/ rapper on full display. Essentially a diss track, Suga goes full-on Agust D with lines like, "The little brats who brag about money, how much could you have possibly earned?". All swag, no cap—add this to your rap playlist asap!

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10. Suga's Interlude by Halsey

From Halsey's 2020 album Manic, this track is a beautifully-arranged collab between the two. Halsey's honey vocals perfectly match Suga's rap style. This—paired with the song's melancholy lyrics make it a great track to keep on repeat. "I've been trying all my life to separate the time in between the having it all and giving it up," Halsey sings. A perfect song to blast when you're feeling a bit dramatic, perhaps?

11. Burn It ft. MAX

If you've heard Blueberry Eyes by MAX, you might be glad to hear that the pair has another collab together. Burn It features one of Suga's most quoted lyrics, "I hope you don’t forget that giving up decisively also counts as courage". Here, he muses upon the difficulty of accepting oneself and mistakes of the past. 

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12. First Love

Thought you'd find a love song from Suga in this list? This might be the closest we'll get! First Love from the 2016 BTS album Wings, is all about his passion for music and the piano. Although the lyrics are quite romantic, it's more so a reflection on how the instrument helped him discover and hone his love for music as an art and how this served as a personal reprieve from the difficulties of the world. 

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13. Give It To Me

Fans of BTS tracks like Silver Spoon or any of their Cyphers will enjoy the similar energy from this solo. From Suga's first mixtape Agust D, this 2016 release is a straightforward hip hop record. There's no shortage of flexing, swag, and savage lyricism Suga has been known for. 

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