To continue our gallerist series, we pursue Katie de Tilly from 10 Chancery Lane Gallery


Hong Kong galleries a decade ago was not what they are today, as the scene was barren and void of choice and creativity. “I opened a gallery 10 years ago to fill the huge gap of too few galleries and too little art experiences in Hong Kong” shares Katie de Tilly of 10 Chancery Lane.

But having travelled a long way with the growing art scene, today veteran Hong Kong art gallery 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is at the helm. Even better, the gallery recently underwent a facelift that has brought forth a beautiful spacious new look. To learn more about the gallery, we speak to Katie de Tilly to learn more about the gallery she calls home. 

Asia Tatler: Art is...

Katie de Tilly: Visual communication about the world around us and how we are or are not connected to one another. 

AT: What kind of art does your gallery speacialise in, and what do you add the existing art scene?

KT: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is primarily focused on Pan-Asia Pacific artists, although we also bring artists over from the West too. We add to the cultural landscape of Hong Kong by introducing both large-scale projects and small-scale projects. 


AT: How do select the artists that exhibit in your gallery?

KT: [I have] complete love for their work. I base it upon how I feel that the art work contributes to the art world as a whole. 

AT: How did you come into this profession?

KT: As a bad artist turned great admirer of an artist’s ability for absolute genius! 

AT: What was your first art purchase?

KT: A small painting of a boy in Ubud, Bali set in the early 80s. I still love that painting. 

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AT: Could you give our readers tips on art collecting?

KT: Listen to your gallerist and ask a lot of questions. Train your eye by viewing art and be guided by those you trust who have knowledge about collecting. Read articles from the right critics and challenge their opinions to formulate your own. Buy what you can¹t afford. See if the artists have a good resumé of exhibitions, museum shows and collections. And mostly, love it to death. There is so much art to choose from, you can buy both what you love and still make it a smart investment.

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AT: What's your favourite book, and why?

KT: Today I would say Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. A well told, amazing story that is beautifully written. Tomorrow, I might answer differently. 

AT: If you could choose to meet any three artists, past or present, who would it be, and why?

KT: Wang Ke-ping, A true artist whose drive, commitment and purity will not be swayed by popular trends. Dinh Q. Le from Vietnam, whose vision and approach is a guiding light, and whose ideas are endless and boundless. And lastly, Ai Wei Wei for being the ultimate art activist who is changing the world one artwork at a time. 

Address: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, G/F 10 Chancery Lane, Soho, Central; Telephone: 2810 0065


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