Keep these local musical talents on your Spotify playlist and on your radar this year as they roll out their latest albums and singles.

1. Joe Flizzow

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Joe Flizzow

Versatile hip-hop star and Generation-T lister Joe Flizzow’s English single “DROP” premiered at the end of 2017, the official music video garnering more than a million views on Youtube since then. The music video – produced by the award-winning Sony-Kartel artist himself and directed by Shimy Julaini – boasts some spectacular scenery, filmed across various locations in Phuket. Follow Joe on Instagram to check out his upcoming projects and other goings-on this year.

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2. Bil Musa

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Above Photo: Bil Musa/Facebook

Singer-songwriter Bil Musa has not looked back since signing with Yuna Room Records (owned by Generation-T lister Yuna), releasing her soulful album ‘Young Adults’ in December 2017 with singles like ‘No More Excuses’ and ‘Owe It All To You’ offering a down-to-earth narrative about transitioning into adulthood. Though she’s constantly compared to Yuna in terms of style and vocals, this young artist is out to define her own sound; so look out for more of Bil in months to come.

Click here to find out what Bil has planned for 2018.  

3. Pastel Lite

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Above Photo: Pastel Lite/Facebook

The experimental-electro duo made up of Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq has been hard at work with the release of their first full-length album ‘Belada’: a two-year long passion project that sparked a buzz in the music scene in 2017. The ten-track album was a huge success for the duo, with their hit track ‘Damsel’ garnering over 13,000 plays on Spotify.   

 Catch Pastel Lite as they open for British indie band The XX’s first live show in Malaysia this January 25.      

4. Airliftz

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Above Photo: Airliftz/Facebook

19-year old bedroom-musician-turned-rapper Airliftz dropped his first EP, ‘Bagel’ last year under the guidance of Singaporean producer GROSSE. Airliftz has grown tremendously as an artist since his early days churning out SoundCloud tracks and performing at various gigs. Fast-forward to 2018, when we can already expect to see the release of Airliftz's full length album and an Asian Tour. Watch his Facebook page for updates. 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Kuizz

When singer-songwriter and producer Kuizz released his 2016 single ‘Silences’ featuring Singapore-based artist Haneri, it gained more than a million plays on Spotify and earned its own feature on the Huffington Post. Kuizz's hit single ‘Uncool’ (from his first self-produced EP ‘Till The End’) was listed on Buzzfeed’s June Playlist in 2017. The musical maverick's talent clearly hasn't gone unnoticed, as he's also a Top-4 finalist in the Dreams Come True With AirAsia campaign with Spotify.

Don’t miss his new single ‘No Matter’ which drops this January 25. For more details, check out Kuizz's Instagram.  

6. Ramayan

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Above Photo: Ramayan/Facebook

If you’ve not heard much about this unique five-piece rock group, then this is the year to tune in as the recent single ‘Sepintas Sastera Hati’ from their self-titled EP makes waves among their growing fanbase. The band’s sound is inspired by musical icons like the Beatles, David Bowie, Sudirman and M. Nasir – the latter of whom is father to Ramayan's vocalist and guitarist Mohamed Syafi’I Nasir). 

As they strive to produce music with a uniquely Malaysian identity, their latest happenings and gigs can be found on Facebook.      

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7. Jaggfuzzbeats

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Above Photo: Jaggfuzzbeats/Facebook

Indie rock duo Jaggfuzzbeats released their ‘Rest Now’ debut album in 2017: a surreal and mellow interpretation of their collective experiences going years back even to their high school days. The 8 tracks on this album feature the fuzz pedal sounds of guitarist and vocalist Azrul together with beats from drummer Omar (the last two words of the band’s unforgettable name here explained). Azrul hints that their upcoming releases will combine their current vibes with new styles altogether.

Keep an eye on what they're up to here

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