As the end of the year draws near, we find it timely to take a look back at the most-viewed abodes as featured throughout the past 12 months. From bachelor pads to family homes, and micro apartments with innovative space-saving solutions to country houses that luxuriate in an abundance of square footage, the top five homes of 2017 underline the creative boundary-pushing that Hong Kong’s unique environmental constraints continue to inspire in interior designers and homeowners alike.

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Nude Design Limited's stylish bachelor pad

Designed by Natasha Usher at Nude Design Limited, personal taste and a warm, earthy vibe come together in this home.

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Lim + Lu’s first Hong Kong home

This Happy Valley home of the dynamic young couple behind the New York-originated, Hong Kong-based design studio Lim + Lu, is a true creative vision.

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Inside Kim Robinson’s Home

An ode to the richness of travel, the celebrity hairdresser shares his "industrial-country" aesthetic.

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This open, airy home in Happy Valley

Liquid Interiors designed a home for a couple and their dogs – and the many friends they welcome through their doors.

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This functional compact Kowloon flat

Nelson Chow of Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary design practice NC Design & Architecture (NCDA) created this treehouse-like abode.

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