Sansiri is a unique property development company that has adopted a holistic philosophy in providing upmarket residences and related real estate services. This belief has enabled the firm to become Thailand’s leading property developer, creating hundreds of developments across the country since its first project was launched in 1988.

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From Baan Kai Muk, a single project in Hua Hin, Thailand’s beloved seaside resort, Sansiri has blossomed alongside the huge population shifts in the country’s largest cities – and the subsequent demand for new homes and quality living spaces. The company entered the Bangkok market with its flagship Baan Sansiri condominium project and since then, Sansiri has embarked on a phenomenal growth trajectory, which includes listing on the Thai Stock Exchange in 1996.

Today, Sansiri’s portfolio, under the concept of ‘Detailed Elegance’, includes detached homes, townhouses and condos. From affordable, innovative use of space to well appointed units akin to five-star hotel rooms, each home reflects exceptional attention to detail, from materials and fittings to layout and design. At the heart of each project is the belief that everyone should have the space to live and enjoy life to the fullest. Projects extend to all five of Thailand’s regions, and Sansiri is now expanding overseas, launching a project in Kensington, London.

How is this possible? Sansiri’s approach is simple, yet as elegant and detailed as its homes. The company’s homeowner service doesn’t stop once a purchase has been made. It features continual care that makes life easier for thousands of homeowners, Thais and foreigners alike, who have invested in a distinctive Sansiri residential lifestyle.

A Wealth of Services
Sansiri handles the day-to-day and diverse needs that homeowners and tenants face. The company acts as an agency that offers rental, project management and consultancy services. It also takes on the task of building management, catering to the property needs of its homeowners and residents.

This approach in taking complete care of its customers has propelled Sansiri to success, with an obligation to make everyday living as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The Sansiri Home Services Application helps ensure that customers are never out of touch. Compatible with Android and iOS platforms, this app can be downloaded to the customer’s mobile phone. A lifeline that Sansiri customers carry with them at all times, it facilitates quick and easy access to a myriad of property-related services. It also directly answers all customer queries via a messaging function.

Creating a Distinctive Lifestyle
Sansiri’s ability to learn and understand what is important to its customers has enabled the company to create a lifestyle, instead of simply providing a physical address. It has also received valuable feedback on customers’ wants and needs, which then enables Sansiri to continuously improve and build upon its range of services. Its offerings can be adapted to appeal to the growing number of repeat customers.

Both new and existing customers have turned to Sansiri for property investment opportunities. Buying a property for investment purposes presents different challenges than home ownership. Given its extensive industry experience, the company can offer qualified recommendations about any investment hurdles.

With its philosophy of combining ongoing customer service and truly distinctive, stylish residences, Sansiri has garnered a long-term customer base that, in turn, presents the company with a wealth of knowledge that they use to improve and grow.

For more information, visit or call +66(0)2 201 3999.

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