The grass is always greener on the other side, where the great outdoors welcome you with open arms. Here’s why living amidst nature is great for our holistic wellbeing.

The city life is great – who doesn't love to be inspired by a glittering concrete jungle waiting outside your window? But truth be told, it can wear you out. Today, more and more people have come to realise the benefits to living beyond city streets — and we're here to tell you why. 

There are many benefits that come with living in nature, ones that become a necessity after spending a long time indoors. That doesn't necessarily mean uprooting your life and moving far beyond the city. But it does mean finding the right kind of space that will benefit you and your family where you can create new and lasting memories together. A great location would be able to balance modern living with a beautiful nature backdrop: tree-lined streets and plenty of room to stretch and run. Which brings us to the first benefit: being able to immerse yourself in a natural setting helps improve your mood. Doctors at Harvard have observed that when people are under high levels of stress, it's easy for them to get caught up in a continuous loop of negative thoughts. However, interacting with nature can shift that perspective. 

Calming nature sounds, which are often used for meditation, can help lower blood pressure and levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Listening to the quiet of the outdoors, a chorus of cicadas, or a symphony of birds can do wonders for stress relief. Even visual aspects have a soothing effect — green in particular is soothing to the eyes, which can help reduce eye strain. 

People who are fortunate enough to experience the south can attest to one thing: the peace that comes with taking a break from the city is as rewarding as it is rejuvenating. The advantageous design behind many homes that lie beyond the borders of NCR is rooted in the peace that is unique to a suburban setting. This is exactly why Rockwell has begun development at Calamba, Laguna.

Rockwell South at Carmelray aims to be a haven for peace-seekers looking to escape Manila. The philosophy of its design lies rooted in their belief that nature is a requisite, not a privilege. At this 63-hectare plot of land, Rockwell takes full advantage of open space by taking on a tree-lined approach to its property. Inside, residents can enjoy the privacy and serenity afforded by lush landscapes, sprawling grounds, recreational parks, and natural waterways. This unique township is Rockwell’s first premium horizontal gated community, and aims to find a balance between nature and modern living. Successfully integrating verdure into the lifestyles of those at Carmelray, Rockwell has also managed to incorporate distinct amenities into the community.

Situated close to the border of Cauang-Cauang Creek, Rockwell South at Carmelray offers up to seven recreational parks and a Central Amenity area. Many have shown a keen interest in Cluster 1’s generous  lot sizes that range from 656 to 1019 square metres. With such pleasantly heartwarming reception, Cluster 2—with cuts ranging from 300 to 452 square metres—was then introduced so shortly after. Whether it's curating a private garden, hosting backyard grills, or having a pool of your own, there surely is more than enough room to create a serene space that suits you best.

The mainstay of the project continues to be the expanse of Carmelray. The wide open spaces are an intentional design aimed to promote serenity and privacy for you and your family, and serves as an ideal setting for peaceful moments spent together. Imagine taking a walk down through paths lined with dazzling fire trees or spending a restful weekend after a busy work week. It’s a welcome change of pace and a shift into a lifestyle of renewed ease.

Truly, Rockwell’s sprawling horizontal community is a wonderful escape into nature, and many have already chosen it as their future home for this reason. Its innovative and holistic vision puts it at the forefront to become one of the most coveted addresses in Luzon. It encourages a lifestyle that is welcoming, safe, close to nature, and particularly exciting for both kids and adults. Take a pause from your fast-paced lifestyle, soothe your soul, and rediscover relaxation at Rockwell South at Carmelray.

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