Cultural entrepreneur Adrian Cheng joins hands with three contemporary artists to turn the Western District into the Brooklyn of Hong Kong

Not only is Adrian Cheng the executive vice-chairman and general manager of New World Development Company Limited, he is also a cultural entrepreneur who is passionate about art and travelling as he often travels around the world with his team to source the best ideas and bring them back to Hong Kong.

Being inspired by the similarities between the Western District in Hong Kong and Brooklyn in New York, Adrian Cheng commissioned three talented contemporary artists—Adrian Wong, Samson Young, and Wang Shang—for ARTISAN HOUSE, his latest project in Hong Kong's hip Sai Ying Pun neighbourhood, curating the first-ever commissioned artisanal clubhouse in the district.

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Above Sai Yin Pun Community Complex (Photo: Courtesy of ARTISAN HOUSE)

Revitalised Neighbourhood

In the Western District, one can find many iconic historic buildings like King's College, Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Kau Yan Church and Sai Ying Pun Community Complex. Many of them have already been replenished into some affordable art galleries, co-working spaces, and boutiques. Meanwhile in Brooklyn, historic buildings and warehouse complexes have been turned into fine dining restaurants, trendy shops, and studios for the flourishing start-up and creative scene.

The similarities the two places share when it comes to preserving architecture have created an inseparable bond for the two chic neighbourhoods, and this is where Adrian Cheng drew his inspiration for ARTISAN HOUSE from.

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Above Cobo House (Photo: Courtesy of ARTISAN HOUSE)

Artisanal gastronomy

Apart from the preservation of old buildings, the traditional Hong Kong neighbourhood is now also home to many of Hong Kong's best restaurants - think Potato Head, Ping Pong 129, STACK, Cobo House and The Winery. While most of them source the freshest ingredients and produce from the neighbourhood to serve their customers, some even build their own urban farms at the rooftop of a building to embrace the concept of “farm-to-table”.

Similarly, Brooklyn also encourages such gastronomic philosophies with some rooftops in the neighbourhood being transformed to urban farms in order to cultivate new dining experiences and culture.

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Above Samson Young, Catalogue d'Oiseaux (White-Throated Robin) (2016 - 2018), mixed media, various material. (Image: Courtesy of ARTISAN HOUSE)

Art hub for culture seekers

The Western District and Brooklyn are both the places to be for local creative minds due to their charming and intriguing history and surroundings. They are the artistic hubs for people to gather, exchange ideas and to be inspired. As a result, many small creative businesses like independent art galleries and co-working spaces thrive in both neighbourhoods, making them the incubation hubs for creative ideas.

Watch the video below to learn more about the creative project created and curated by Adrian Cheng:


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