Family time need not be compromised when you’re able to bring your children to work with you and have them cared for by a capable team, while you beaver away in this shared office space.

Building a business has always been important to you, but so is looking after your little one at home. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could fulfill family commitments without having to sacrifice our businesses and careers? Well, good news, because Trehaus has made it possible.

The newly-opened space at Claymore Connect, founded by Tjin Lee, Elaine Kim, Rachel Teo and Elizabeth Wu, was designed to provide working parents with the opportunity to watch their children grow while building their career at the same time. There are two spaces in Trehaus: The Workspace for the parents, and the Kids Atelier for their little tikes. Equipped with individual workstations, shared spaces, printers and meeting rooms, Workspace is perfect for individuals or group discussions.

For quiet concentration, the Dedicated Desk option is made for you. Private Office spaces are also available for members who prefer to enjoy privacy and personal storage.

Over at the Kids Atelier, it is a world where the little ones are provided with materials that will allow them to learn and play at the same time. It is an open-space themed concept with layouts that are tied-in to learning programmes, such as the daily playgroup classes and activity-based creative lessons. Who’s keeping an eye on the children while you work? The teachers and child-minders at Trehaus are well-equipped with years of experience in early childhood care and education. Yes, your children are definitely in good hands.

A range of membership packages are available here depending on your individual needs.

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