Keep your home happy and germ-free with the help of these Hong Kong deep cleaning companies

While regular hand washing and wearing face masks are crucial for protecting yourself from Covid-19, one should never overlook the importance of virus prevention at home. To keep your home happy and germ-free, we've compiled a list of Hong Kong companies that will do everything from steam clean carpets and upholstery, giving new life to leather furniture and cleaning AC units from harmful dust, bacteria and other allergens.

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TNT Group

There really is no job too big or too small for TNT Group, which specialises in deep cleaning carpets, sofas, mattresses and curtains. But beyond the home, they also offer cleaning services for yachts and private jets, as well as clinics and hotels. 

Their website offers in-depth descriptions for how they clean, the products they use as well as the health and lifestyle benefits of a thoroughly deep cleaned home.

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Envirocare is a British-trained company dedicated to using environmentally-safe products so that you you, your children, and pets can enjoy a clean, comfortable and and chemical-free home. 

Using powerful steam extraction machines, Envirocare cleans carpets, rugs, sofas and arm chairs. They also offer a 3M Scotchguard service, which creates an invisible barrier surrounding carpet fibres from soils and spills.

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Johnson Group

Whether you're looking to deep clean your home or the office, Johnson Group are passionate about cleaning to create an healthy environment using natural, toxin-free cleaners that are ideal for allergy sufferers.

As well as deep cleaning for mattresses, couches, carpets and rugs, Johnson Group also offers mould removal and prevention, as well as sanitising for air conditioners, dehumidifiers, washing machines and driers.  

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Easy Home

Friendly service and fast, efficient and eco-friendly cleaning methods are the reason Easy Home lives up to its name. 

Using environmentally friendly solvents and high heat steam, Easy Home's technicians eliminate and kill dust mites, bacteria and other harmful substances thoroughly from carpets, mattresses and pillows, upholstery and sofas. 

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Prestige Home Services

Prestige Home Services lends a delicate touch when it comes to cleaning your home. Their upholstery cleaning service removes the most hard to find dirt without over stressing the upholstery, while their carpet cleaning service eliminates trapped pollutants, dust mite infestations and prevents the growth of mould.

The company also offers marble cleaning to maintain your precious marble surface's shine, and a move-in/move-out cleaning service to ensure that moving into your new home is a seamless and spotless experience.  

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This article was originally published on September 9, 2019 and was updated on August 18, 2020.