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There’s no place like home for Jenn Low, the jewellery entrepreneur whose Bangsar apartment is a lovingly utilised space accommodating a growing family.

From a place for dreaming to a cosy nest of 4, the apartment that Jenn Low calls home has evolved through her various life stages. When she’s not traipsing the globe promoting her jewellery brand, Wanderlust + Co, Jenn loves nothing more than to return to her 4-bedroom Bangsar residence, for quality time with her daughter Olivia Hua Elliot and infant son, Oscar Ren Elliot. When she and her husband Luke Elliot moved in to this home 8 years ago, it was designed for them as an engaged couple, based on a neutral colour scheme of white, grey and beiges — shades that would remain timeless with the space, as it turns into a family-friendly setting.

Upon entry, visitors would recognise Jenn’s eye for detail in eclectic accessories of colourful cushions, prints and wallpaper, throughout the spacious, urban-bay living room and dining room with blooming lilies and garlands of rose-gold lights. Jenn glides across the gleaming marble floor, eager to show us around her gorgeous space.

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Creating A Blueprint

“I put this together on my own, without the help of an interior designer — this was years ago, before Wanderlust + Co got so busy,” Jenn tells. Mirroring the design principles behind her brand, the apartment is incorporated with minimalist anchor pieces throughout each room.

Olivia and Oscar’s arrival have brought upon several shifts to the home, including the extension of a new room. The one thing that has helped set the tone of change is the wallpaper that is easily interchangeable. Jenn is a firm believer that children shouldn’t affect the home’s core identity of Luke and herself, as adults and parents.

“I remember my mum came to visit 1 weekend and she was gesturing at my glass terrariums and frames,” Jenn recalls. “She asked, ‘what are you going to do with these?’ and I resolved to train the children to not touch them,” a move that’s been in Jenn’s favour so far. 

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Wholesomely Family

When Jenn was expecting Oscar, they converted the extra living room space to into a new room. Jenn leads us past a wall of art, punchy quotes and photos, before reaching a door that opened to her wardrobe. “Everything in this space is colour-coded — I have a very short window of time every morning to get ready for meetings, events and shows, so it helps that everything is organised and visible enough for me to get dressed under 5 minutes!” Jenn exclaims.

We tiptoe to the next room, Oscar’s nursery, a soothing blue-themed room with prints of a starry sky and moonlit vibe, designed for comfortable bonding with the new member. “My husband and I have an inside joke,” Jenn says while gesturing at the wall motifs, “that because we’re constantly awake, the days and nights all melt together.”

A couple of heirloom pieces make the nursery especially meaningful, such as the crib, which is a hand-me-down from Olivia, and a leather chair Jenn typically settles in to nurse Oscar.  The chair was a gift to Luke, for converting his old study room into Olivia’s bedroom.

Down the hall from the nursery is Olivia’s bedroom, a pastel-toned space with a tent-inspired cot, that also doubled as a playroom. We watched as mother and daughter pored over their favourite storybook, surrounded by a large dollhouse and menagerie of oversized soft toys.

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It helps that everything is organised and visible enough for me to get dressed under 5 minutes
Jenn Low

Personality Pieces

“Funny story,” Jenn begins. “When we were putting this space together, it was hectic as we were planning our wedding too. Pinterest, then newly-launched, was my drawing board. Yes, my handle is actually! I had obsessively created different boards for every room and that informed all the decisions around the space.”

The couple designed, sourced and planned the space on their own, it it took 2 months to put together all the elements and another 4 months to fit everything out in their 3,700 sq ft space. “For me, I don’t like spaces that feel too stark or excessive. We travel a lot for work, and the warmth and quirky personality is what I really love about our home,” Jenn adds

As such, the family’s personal effects coexist in harmony, indicative of the household’s wholesomeness. From toys to photos, palm leaf wallpaper to Olivia’s favourite play desk, Jenn isn’t fussed about limiting their communal areas, seeing as each item is dear to them. In the living room, Jenn shows us laser-cut artwork by British artist Rob Ryan depicting a home, and in the bedroom, a trunk from Halo gifted from Luke to Jenn — objects that has grown with the family.  

As our tour ends, Jenn divulges a love for welcoming friends and family to their home. “We love that we have an airy space to be able to entertain and show people.” What struck us most was how Jenn had built a home for the family to treasure in years to come, and the importance of little mementos that ultimately nurture and adorn a shared yet intimate environment. 

We travel a lot for work, and the warmth and quirky personality are what I really love about our home
Jenn Low
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