The figurines add a lively dimension to this family's apartment

With a newborn baby joining their family, a couple wanted to make more room for their expanding clan by moving into a centrally located apartment in District 11. Their quest for the perfect collaborator to design their abode was easier than expected; they came across the work of Prestige Global Designs in Singapore Tatler Homes and felt an instant connection with the look they wanted to achieve.
The brief to the design firm was straightforward: create a home with ample storage, a spacious entertaining area, and a bright and well-planned kitchen customised for the wife, who loves to bake. The owners have also amassed an array of Asian artworks and a colourful troupe of Bearbrick figurines, which were to be incorporated into the design of the 2,820sqft apartment.

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Led by Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay, the firm enjoyed the challenge of designing a dream home for the family of five. The team chose a modern look with contemporary accents to create an abode with a warm and inviting ambience for the family and their guests. The first sight to greet visitors is a bonsai plant, selected by the firm to complement the owners’ art collection. It’s placed at the foyer next to a pair of chairs and a Bearbrick figurine; the timber wood panelling adds a warm touch to the space.

While the apartment has a sizeable footprint, it featured several bay windows that were underutilised. The living room, for instance, features an elongated bay window that runs the full length of the common area. The firm installed a marble counter and a vertical decorative screen at the bay area to bring a tactile touch to this space; the screen also acts as the perfect backdrop for a sculpture by Xie Ai Ge, which is flanked by a pair of table lamps.

Behind the TV console is another luxurious detail—a silver portoro marble feature wall. Crimson accent cushions complement the red Bearbrick displayed on the TV console.

To play up the artistic quality of the home, the firm picked out sculptural pieces such as the Cosmic leaf floor lamp by Artemide to complement the artworks on display. Standalone pieces cleverly section off the living area from the kitchen, while creating more spaces to display treasured collectibles and art objects. These include the Reflex sideboard from Angelo Canaletto, placed behind the L-shaped sofa from Gurian; its three-dimensional facets also add visual interest to the space.

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Equal attention is given to the kitchen, which is the wife’s favourite spot. The culinary zone features a marble-clad kitchen island, furnished with drawers for baking tools and tableware; the attached dining table is the family’s breakfast nook. A mirrored panel facing the island also amplifies the sense of space; a cloud of silver pendant lamps that floats above it echoes the metallic finishes on the appliances and tools. Other functional details include the LED lighting that’s incorporated into the cabinetry to brighten the space as it lacks a natural light source. It’s accompanied by a tall wine storage cabinet for the oenophiles.

The balcony area is the dining zone of the home, turning the outdoor space into a functional spot for the family while making room for their many guests. “The owners frequently host gatherings; in order to accommodate their many guests, we proposed a outdoor dining area,” explains Tay. “It overlooks the greenery outside and connects the interior and the exterior.” Here, a mix of armchairs and benches creates a relaxed mood at the suar wood table. Potted plants add a verdant touch to the space.

The design team also incorporated built-in cabinetry and bench seating into the bay areas in each room, to maximise the use of these spaces. In the study, the bay area has been converted into a long desk that comfortably seats two, while providing additional storage space for the family. The study is also where the owners’ Bearbrick collection takes pride of place; the glass cabinets provide ample space to showcase the various figurines.

The use of colour is as pertinent to this project, contributing to the unique design of each room. The couple’s two young daughters requested for a pink room—the challenge was to create a timeless space that also incorporates their preferred shade. “Our design intent was to create an elegant bedroom that can stand the test of time for the girls, when they grow older,” shares Tay.
The firm extended the bay window area with a platform for two single beds, as well as to provide storage space for bedlinen. The room also features a custom-built bedhead with an oval mirror and bedside table, with a pink stripe on the wall and rose gold detailing on the handles celebrating the daughters’ favourite colour. The built-in cabinetry cleverly separates the beds from the wardrobe; it features a counter that also functions as a divider between the two areas.

In the master bedroom, pops of blue contribute to its serene mood. “We wanted an interior that is fitting for a master suite yet also creating something light and elegant,” explains Tay. “To do this, we used ebony dark wood with grey-tinted mirrors to lend a luxurious yet modern touch. In addition, we proposed a half-height bedhead for a lighter feel in the bedroom.” The off-centre arrangement of the bedhead and painting also adds visual interest to the room, while the bay area features bench seating and an ebony wood counter for jewellery and accessories.

The guest bedroom conveys a similar colour scheme to create a restful haven for the grandparents, who visit the family frequently. Trimmings and accent pieces in black and gold give the room a handsome look; a matching table lamp and a series of four paintings were specially created by Tay for this space. A dressing table was built over the bay window to improve the usability of the room.
Altogether, the apartment is a well-planned space that the owners adore. The designers are as proud of their work too. “We enjoyed designing every part of the home—every area has a certain uniqueness to it, be it in terms of aesthetics, space planning or functionality.”