Cover Dorothée Simon was inspired by the stylish grandeur of Jeanne Lanvin’s former apartment for this pied-à-terre apartment for a young family

The work of French interior architect and designer Dorothée Simon, this colourful apartment is designed as a chic, hotel-like abode for a young family

As the saying goes, inspiration can be found anywhere. For interior designer Dorothée Simon’s latest project, she took inspiration from renowned French fashion icon Jeanne Lanvin’s apartment. She drew inspiration from Lanvin’s hôtel particulier, a French townhouse, to inform the recent remodel of a Parisian apartment that would act as a secondary residence for a young family. 

“Following the brief from the client, I wanted to create an apartment that could be used like a hotel—a real pied-à-terre,” says Simon. “Immediately, I envisioned a grand suite using precious materials, like Lanvin in her Parisian hôtel particulier.”

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Although the colour scheme was initially supposed to be royal blue—as it took inspiration from the signature hue in Lanvin's apartment—Simon faced some difficulties in securing a number of exotic materials such as blue marble in a large quantity and within a short time frame.

So the designer quickly adapted and selected green hues instead as the dominant colours of this abode; she took inspiration from the colour scheme of the bow window area, which features intricate glasswork as well as dark green metal railings with ornate detailing.

“The bow window was the key element in this space with its beautiful glasswork,” she shares. “I knew I wanted to accentuate this beautiful feature so I used it as the starting point of the open-plan kitchen and living area and designed the other elements from there.”

The bow window was the key element in this space with its beautiful glasswork.
Dorothée Simon, interior designer and founder of Dorothée Simon Architecture & Design

The apartment had great bones in a historic building that has been around since the 19th century. Working with a three-month time frame, Simon balanced sophistication with a level of playfulness within the 828sqft apartment to create a welcoming, light-filled interior.

The living room features comfortable and compact furnishings in the form of a sofa from Bolia, as well as a Gubi Pacha armchair by Pierre Paulin. A Toulemonde Bochart rug in calming green and blue hues adds an additional layer of cosiness.

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The open layout makes the kitchen a key area of the home; its striking colour palette also makes it out of the standout spaces in the abode. The cabinetry, as well as the entryway located in the kitchen, are all clad in a sage green hue.

“We initially painted the entrance area white, but we then liked the green kitchen so much that we decided to paint everything green to create (visual) continuity,” says Simon.

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A green marble backsplash with intricate veins adds to the layered monochromatic look of the apartment; this green marble was also selected for the kitchen countertops and linear shelves. Brass elements, such as sink fittings and light fixtures from British designer Tom Dixon, form a harmonising element within the space.

“I enjoy combining materials in all of my projects,” Simon mused. “The brass finishes alongside the green brought a depth of tone to the apartment and a proper dynamism.”

The verdant colour scheme extends to the bedrooms. Inspired by former hidden vaults that were within the room, the feature wall in the master bedroom is an example of Simon’s keen eye for detail and the team's exemplary craftsmanship. Reflective side tables from Kartell and bedside lights from Davidtz tie the space together, contributing to its polished look.

In the children’s bedroom, the designer employed the use of a safari wallpaper with animal motifs selected by the clients. The forest setting with various jungle animals add a playful dimension to the room and delights the family’s adventurous little ones. The designer opted for a darker teal shade within the elements of the room to create a soothing and calming space.

The result of Simon’s work is a stylish contemporary home with a striking use of green tones and an undeniable sense of cosiness. “It was at the request of the owners who wanted to use this apartment as their Parisian pied-à-terre, so the design had to be functional, just like a hotel,” Simon shares. “The result is an apartment where each space doubles up in use to make the most of the space.”

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