Cover The living room is ingeniously connected to the study via a set of custom-designed pivot doors

“It’s as if she’s (the owner) staying in the best hotel suite—one that’s just made for her,” says designer Ina Rinderknecht; see the stunning penthouse that she designed in Luxembourg here

High above the streets of Gasperich, Luxembourg, lies a peaceful urban sanctuary. Designed by Ina Rinderknecht, the spacious penthouse is made up of two top-floor units that were purchased together by the client. The amalgamated penthouse offers a new layout composition alongside an extended rooftop terrace that runs the entire length of both units.  

Rinderknecht, who helms her eponymous design studio, was receptive to her globetrotting client’s requests from the get-go. “(Our client) wanted a space that is well-structured, uncluttered, well-organised, alongside a free and unobstructed flow,” explains Rinderknecht.

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Before the pandemic, the client frequently traveled to the United States and Singapore. She desired a safe haven that would imbue a sense of calm when she returned home to Luxembourg—a request that Rinderknecht and her team acceded to by creating a warm, airy, and spacious home.

“The client’s lifestyle asked for a home that would act as a sanctuary for her,” says Rinderknecht. “The space planning was thus tailored to her lifestyle. It’s as if she’s staying in the best hotel suite—one that’s just made for her. The space planning was an essential part of our design to create interesting views within the penthouse.”

Rinderknecht took advantage of the extensive space to create a series of connected spaces with a harmonious spirit that flows seamlessly throughout the entire interior. With a light colour palette and soft furnishings, the open-plan living room exudes an inviting atmosphere with a sense of peace and tranquility.

“We used harmonious colors and materials to stage the living room, through the best usage of dimensions and light. The choice of furniture and lighting helps to structure a room as well,” Rinderknecht notes. 

The neutral colour palette requested by the client is realised in the use of white cream walls and warm natural oak wood flooring in the penthouse. These play the perfect backdrop for a custom-designed natural oak bookshelf that was created by Rinderknecht and manufactured by Brakonier. A large Feel Good Ten sectional sofa from Flexform anchors the space, paired with reflective Clint 5 coffee and side tables from Alberta. 

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The connected dining and kitchen area behind the living room is an expansive space that allows for conversations to flow easily during social gatherings. A decorative chandelier from Giopato & Coombes hangs from the ceiling, adding an artistic flourish to the space. The travertine dining table, another custom design from Rinderknecht, is accompanied by navy blue Burgaz chairs by Walter Knoll. 

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The client’s lifestyle asked for a home that would act as a sanctuary for her... It’s as if she’s staying in the best hotel suite—one that’s just made for her.

— Ina Rinderknecht

Besides customising the furnishings for the apartment, Rinderknecht also custom designed the ambient floor lighting at the base of the kitchen island and counters. “The lighting in an interior can make or break a well thought-out design,” the designer explains.

“In this case, the kitchen is part of the open-plan living room. We wanted to create a distinct atmosphere in the kitchen that is calm and soothing at night. When the main kitchen lights are switched off, the light around the island floor would softly glow.”

A private study is connected to the living room through a set of custom pivoting doors. “I wanted the small office space to be part of the large living room, but also felt that our client needed a space that she could easily close,” says Rinderknecht. “I didn‘t want to have ordinary doors separating the rooms, and thus I looked into a more playful option (with) the pivot doors.” 

Rinderknecht worked closely with French textile artist Sophie Mallebranche and manufacturer Brakoner to elevate the doors by dressing them with a metal mesh inlaid with gold. Just like a textile, the mesh doors are delicate and fine, allowing an atmospheric glow to filter between the living room and the office at night to create a cosy ambience.

“We loved playing with one particular style of doors—the French metal door—but we wanted to dress it up differently. That’s why some doors have clear glass for transparency, others feature a rippled glass inlaid for privacy, while the big statement piece is the large pivot doors in the living room that feature a beautiful metal mesh inlaid with gold,” Rinderknecht explains. “I like consistency in our design, which is why we repeat certain design elements. We dress them up with different materials to get a bit more excitement in the space and to define certain areas.”

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A handsome desk, another bespoke design from Rinderknecht, is placed facing broad windows that frame the terrace views. A desk chair and a decorative lighting piece, both from Bottega Veneta, act as accent pieces for the space. A Jensen armchair from Minotti and a Liaigre side table by the late and great designer Christian Liaigre amplifies the room’s mellow factor.

The study also hosts another set of custom folding doors, this time leading to the master bedroom. Embellished with hand-painted wallpaper from De Gournay, the folding doors add a dreamy touch to the study. 

The master bedroom is a calming place of respite. Light grey wallpaper from Vescom clad the walls, whilst an elegant Joyce Niche bed from Wittmann forms the room’s focal point. Matte black bedside tables from Meridiani complement the bed, while wall lamps crafted with Murano glass from lighting brand Veronese add a gentle glow to the space.

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The connected ensuite bathroom extends the home’s elegant look with its monochromatic scheme. The walls are clad with cream-coloured limestone from Salvatori, accompanying more bespoke furnishings from Rinderknecht such as the shower door, sink unit, and bathroom mirror. Glass mosaics from Ann Sacks liven up the bathroom walls.

“We loved using some distinct highlights within our monochromatic design scheme that would spice up our quiet design,” says Rinderknecht. “It creates a focal point within our monochromatic scheme through texture.”

Thoughtfully designed with a plethora of custom furnishings, the penthouse is an embodiment of Rinderknecht’s level of detail and dedication. Modern and elegant, the sophisticated yet unpretentious space is a welcoming oasis for its owner to rest and relax.

“It is all about finding the right balance to make an interior look appealing,” says Rinderknecht. “The end result should always feel as though it has been there forever; the interior should be warm, welcoming, and always with an unexpected fresh surprise.”

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