Swimwear designer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves’ home in Venice Beach is an ode to the Sunshine State. Adept at seamlessly combining the various influences in her life, the former ballerina and long-time surfer realised that she had spent a significant portion of her life wearing leotards and wetsuits—but instead of letting that knowledge slip by, she discovered she could translate her early ballet and surfing uniforms into sleek, simple swimwear and beach dresses for her brand, Marysia. This pared-back aesthetic comes out in her home, which is memorable for its airiness, its neutral palette and its welcoming simplicity. Antique mahogany furniture centres the otherwise all-white home, while touches of colour are provided by wildflowers, gold-trimmed mirrors or the occasional ornate table. Check out Reeves' Venice Beach home in the gallery below:

Family first

When it comes to enviable lives, Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves’ is right up there.

The Polish-born swimwear designer now lives in California with her husband, Nathaniel Reeves, and their two daughters in this beautiful beachfront house in Venice Beach.

Her interior aesthetic is similar to her renowned swimwear designs—sleek, sexy and chic, with a mix of West Coast glossiness and Old World glamour.


A warm welcome

In the living room, Reeves incorporated different textures into the décor to add some warm elements to the neutral colour palette.

“I think that adding various natural textures gives a space warmth, along with personal items with meaning to the home owner, so the space doesn’t feel too sterile. We added family heirlooms to each room along with varying textures and natural elements.”

California love

“California has absolutely influenced my interiors,” she says. “I feel like you can’t help but be inspired by the beautiful fauna and flora, the proximity to the beach, the warm climate and the laid-back attitudes. All of those things have informed both my home and our studio.” 

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Light show

Light fixtures play an important part in her home, despite the blinding Californian sunshine outside negating the need for electric light for most of the day.

From mid-century chandeliers in the sitting room to ultra-modern snake reading lights in the bedroom, these creative lamps add real character to the spaces.


Bits and pieces 

“After finding the right fixtures for each room myself, I relied on my interior designer to help with the placement and installation of the fixtures,” says Reeves, who hunts for her perfect accessories online but also everywhere from Californian flea markets to Beverly Hills boutiques. 

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Soaked in sunlight

Houses with a neutral colour palette and simple designs can be in danger of feeling cold, but Reeves’ Venice Beach home is warm and inviting—not an easy balance to strike.

This is partly due to the running theme of gold, which is a constant in every room and found on lampshades, corner tables and vases, lit up particularly prettily by the Californian sunshine.

Other tactics to bring warmth to the rooms include lots of emerald green pot plants filling every corner, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Plant fanatic

“Plants are such an important part of my interiors’ aesthetic,” says Reeves. “We love live plants, and in every one of our homes we’ve incorporated potted plants and trees into the design. When it comes to picking the perfect ones, I think that scale is important. You need to be sure that the size and height work well within the space, and doesn’t overwhelm it or get lost.

From the top

A fanatical surfer, Reeves is a woman with a passion for the outdoors and beach life, so it is no surprise that her favourite room in the house is actually outdoors—her sleek rooftop terrace, which doubles as their entertaining area on warm summer evenings and their breakfast spot all year round.

“I love our rooftop deck and patio,” she says. “The views make you feel like you’re in a treehouse high above the street and close to the tops of the palm trees. It’s where I go after work to unwind.” 

Visual identity

The enviable California girl aesthetic has been wooing us all since the Beach Boys first sung about it in the 1960s. But rarely is it styled as warmly or creatively as by Reeves, who has imbued both her swimwear and her interiors with an idealised model for West Coast living.

“I think that both inform the other,” says Reeves. “My aesthetic, whether it be in my home or the way that I dress or design my collections, is always about quality and craftsmanship, minimalist design and thoughtful details. That’s what makes me happy.”

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