Cover A lively mix of mustard and blue tones invigorate the living area of the penthouse

Boasting a breathtaking view of Singapore’s beautiful cityscape, this stylish penthouse offers its owners and guests plenty to look at

It is hard not to be impressed by the stunning views of Singapore’s ultra-modern skyline from this penthouse, which is located on the vertiginous 52nd floor in the city centre. Apart from the panoramic sights, this 4,000sqft apartment also offers plenty of intricate elements to catch the eye.

Fuelled by the family’s artistic streak and their appreciation for the finer things in life, a beautiful array of artworks, furniture and stylish objects fill its interior; these include a framed limited-edition Hermès scarf, which features dynamic sketches of a horse in motion, displayed above a B&B Italia Eucalipto console table in the living area.

“The owners are art lovers, so we tried to incorporate art pieces into the design of the home,” says Terri Tan, design director of Designworx Interior Consultant, who designed the space to offer as much wall space as possible to showcase the family’s colourful collection. “The corridor leading to the four bedrooms is designed as a gallery wall with artworks and tinted mirror panels that break up the long corridor,” she says.

As a holiday home for a family of frequent travellers, the owners specifically wanted an interior that is easy to maintain, so that it stays in optimal conditions even while they are away from Singapore. They left the rest to Tan’s discerning eye to create a stunning haven that they would enjoy returning to.
“To evoke the theme of contemporary luxury, we used materials such as marble, timber veneer and polished stainless steel against a neutral palette of taupe and grey,” says the design director. “These materials were specially chosen to give the penthouse a timeless quality and they are reasonably easy to upkeep.”

Taking into consideration the spectacular view from the floor to ceiling glass windows, Tan took care to keep the furnishings minimal so as not to over-clutter the interior of the abode.

The living room features the Davis out modular sofa from Frigerio, which is decorated with Hermès cushions, marble top coffee tables from Natuzzi and a royal blue carpet; a phoenix motif on the back of the armchairs adds an unexpected Asian touch to the space.

The dining hall is demarcated by Ariane suspension lamps from Hamilton Conte, which float above the dining table. The lights emphasise the height of the high ceiling while adding a glamorous touch to the space. To visually separate the dining area from the living room, the dark timber wall panels flow into the dry kitchen and forms a kitchen countertop when casual dining is preferred.

A statement bronze wall is placed against the dark timber panels that line the dining area to create contrasting textures.

Special care was taken in the design of the master bedroom to maximise space as well as to cater to the owner’s requirements. The original wardrobes were removed and reconfigured along an adjacent wall. In its place, Tan installed a concealed door to the bathroom to create the effect of a timber panel feature wall.

“We designed a high screen, which acts as headboard support for the bedframe while providing functional display and storage space on the other side,” says Tan. Jewellery-inspired pendant lamps from Lukas Peet add a soft glow to the bed area, which is also decorated with a pair of Lema nightstands.

The other two bedrooms were designed to cater to other family members and visiting guests. A palette of taupe and greys are used in these two rooms for visual continuity. To add a focal point to each room, Tan selected statement pieces such as the Fritz Hansen Radon floor lamp and the Dwell Studio Haviland bunching table.

The home has since become an ideal retreat for the family whenever they visit Singapore. Tan says, with pride: “The family were so awed by the design and they totally love it!”