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The attic becomes the entertainment hub for this home by Cube Associate Design; it also features a play room that combines their children's love of astronomy and animals

As the heads of a household of six, these homeowners realise the importance of personal space—especially when people are spending more time at home. To cater to the individual needs of each family member, ranging from the grandparents to the children, they tasked Cube Associate Design with transforming their cramped two-storey, three-bedroom abode into a spacious home with six bedrooms.

Thus, spatial planning was the most crucial component of this project. “Each space had to allow the family members to interact with one another,” says Sarah Tham, design director of Cube Associate Design.

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To create more usable space for everyone in the family, the makeover involved the addition of an attic and a mezzanine floor, and a new open-plan layout for the living area.

The open-plan living room of the 3,5000sqft house ticks the right boxes. With a clean colour palette featuring crisp white walls and glossy marble floors, the living space exudes a sense of freshness. To maximise the natural light that enters the house, Tham created a courtyard on the second floor and extended it vertically to the attic.

Designed with cantilevered steps, a handsome timber statement staircase connects the different floors of the house. Veneered wall slats in front of the staircase conceal the dry kitchen and demarcate the living room and culinary area. 

The homeowners also wanted a unique concept for the children’s playroom, which is located on the mezzanine. To provide additional storage for the children’s toys and books, the team designed organisational units and drawers for these paraphernalia.

A colourful wallpaper depicting jungle animals adds a sense of wonder to the playroom. Full-length glass panels were inserted for an expansive view of the play area from the dining room.

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The attic functions as the family’s entertainment den; this welcoming space is designed as a relaxing sanctuary for them. One of its highlights is the stunning bar area, which features a long timber countertop suspended from the ceiling.

The utility areas of the home are also situated in the attic to maximise the size of the dining area on the ground floor. As the home stands on elevated ground, the back-of-house boasts unspoilt views of the surrounding greenery. “We decided to move the laundry space as well as the helper’s room to the attic,” says the designer. “This also allows for better cross ventilation on the ground floor.”

The process of personalising the house for its occupants proved most satisfying for Tham. “We were able to design the house inside out and outside in, addressing the needs of our clients,” she says. “I always enjoy the design process as I believe we are not just crafting a space; we’re actually creating a lifestyle for the users.” 

Cube Associate Design

Established in 1998, the award-winning firm has made a name for itself in the local industry. Led by design director Sarah Tham, the practice offers a full range of architecture and interior design services—from space planning to conceptualisation and design. The firm takes pride in delivering projects with reliability and credibility, and has transformed numerous residential and commercial spaces into stylish sanctuaries.

Cube Associate Design is located at 201 Henderson Road, #09-10; Tel: 6538 8918

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