Combining modern elements with a nature-inspired palette, this apartment showcases the family’s art collection in a tranquil and tasteful setting

It is often said that art brings out the soul of a home—that much is true, particularly for a family of avid art collectors. The owners’ artistic flair can clearly be felt in this stylish apartment, which pairs works by Asian artists with a tasteful array of Italian-made furniture and art objects.

The stunning interior is the work of Prestige Global Designs, an award-winning firm led by Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay, who achieved an effortlessly elegant interior within four months. Home to a family of four, the 2,900sqft apartment has four bedrooms which had to be spatially optimised to host the owners’ frequent gatherings. The well-travelled family also wanted to have as much storage space as possible to keep their home clutter-free and to accommodate their large luggage.
“Our clients desired a spacious, elegant interior with adequate storage throughout the unit,” shares Jeremy Tay, the design director of the firm. To tackle the time constraints, the firm worked closely with the clients to fabricate as many works offsite as possible, before installing them into the home.

The firm’s meticulous attention to detail ensured that every design element adds to the cohesive look of the interior. The main door, for instance, was custom-built by the firm with detailing made to match the doors of the other rooms.

Guests entering the home are first greeted by a spacious foyer with mirrored wall panels. These walls enhance the sense of spaciousness in the foyer while concealing storage space—a full-height mirrored wall doubles as the door to the luggage room. At the entry area, an abstract artwork is the focal point of the space. It’s paired with a Daum Macaw crystal sculpture in similar tones, next to a Flos table lamp that echoes the geometric design of the Minotti console. 

“We wanted to make this place bright and airy and introduce ambient light that would accentuate the paintings and decorative accessories,” Tay explains. “In addition, we built wood veneer wall panels upon which art can be installed.” Thoughtful gestures like these make room for the couple’s growing art collection and provide more ways for the owners to personalise their home.

The living room embraces a calming, nature-inspired theme. A crystal chandelier by Baccarat hangs from the cove ceiling, which accentuates the height of the room. Adding to its cosy ambience are leather seats and marble tables by Giorgetti; decorative accessories by Hermès create visual interest. A Minotti sideboard divides the room into two sections, separating the dining zone from the living area. Light beige curtains soften the interior and allow natural light to enter the space.

In a cosy alcove, an armchair is complemented by a Minotti console and scented candles. It’s located next to the dining area, which is distinguished by a dome ceiling. Featuring a crystal Baccarat chandelier as well as a set of dining table and chairs by Giorgetti, this space is complemented by a bespoke feature wall, upon which a Chinese painting is displayed and illuminated by LED lighting.

The concrete walls of the gourmet kitchen were demolished in favour of sliding glass doors, which can be concealed when needed. Together with strategically placed mirrors, the new configuration makes the kitchen feel spacious and connected to the rest of the house.
White wainscoting wall panels add to the understated elegance of the daughter’s room. A brown headboard with tufted details and a L-shaped table were specially built to complement the wooden cabinetry in the bedroom; the walls of a former corridor were demolished to make space for a walk-in wardrobe in her room. The son’s room similarly uses a calming earthy palette that’s matched with grey tones. His writing desk faces the window that overlooks the city, next to a pair of tall bookshelves that frame his study area.

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One of the guest rooms has been converted into a walk-in wardrobe, with the walls between the master bedroom and the wardrobe area removed to create a seamless transition between the two spaces. The cabinetry features white ebony veneer with custom-made shelves for bags as well as a boutique-style counter in the middle of the room. In the master bedroom, the Giorgetti bed and side tables complete the restful tableau.

The result is a refined and graceful interior that makes room for contemplation and art appreciation. “The most enjoyable part of this project was how we worked together with our clients to achieve a common goal—to create a home that both the designers and inhabitants are proud of,” says Tay.