Evoking the luxurious ambience of a hotel lounge, this Coco Palms penthouse project by Prestige Global Designs pairs smart spatial planning with glamorous finishes

On a tiny island like Singapore, space is the ultimate luxury. So when the owners approached Prestige Global Designs to create a homely yet luxurious dwelling, the firm had more than a few tricks up their sleeves to realise their dream home. For this project, the team had to incorporate deft design touches to make the most of the 2,519sqft floor area, particularly by playing with light and reflective surfaces.
Founded by Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay, the firm is known for its knack for crafting luxurious and elegant interiors. “The clients said they would be having many guests visiting during festive periods, therefore the living and dining areas need to look inviting and welcoming,” says Jeremy Tay, director of Prestige Global Designs.


The couple lives with their two teenagers who wanted their rooms to reflect their personal style. The well-travelled family also admired the opulent look of the stylish hotels they’ve visited and wanted to include these elements into their abode, which is situated in the Coco Palms condominium complex. The firm sought to create an interior inspired by their sojourns abroad and their taste for the finer things in life.

“The overall design concept is modern luxury,” says Tay. “We wanted to create a home that is luxurious but yet liveable for the occupants, and in lighter shades to look inviting and welcoming.”

With its soaring ceiling height, the living room is the focal point of the penthouse. A bronze mirrored wall feature at the entrance foyer enhances the sense of space in the interior. It’s a prelude to the grand foyer in the home: bronze-tinted mirror panels skirt the living and dining areas and a custom-made rug adds a plush touch.
Architectural standing lamps along the floor-to-ceiling windows anchor the living and dining spaces while concentric crystal chandeliers reflect the warm glow of the Baccarat dining setting and decanters. Additional features such as the bar counter and the in-built karaoke system provide ample entertainment facilities for the family and their guests to enjoy.

To liven up the living and dining areas, Tay added jewel tones such as sapphire to add sparkle to the earthy palette of the living area.

Taking cues from a series of paintings installed on the feature wall, shades of blue are applied onto the throw, velvet armchairs and a custom-made rug. The overall effect is akin to that of a spacious, elegant hotel lobby.

To create a harmonious look, the neutral colour scheme is applied consistently throughout the home. It’s complemented with accent colours and personalised details that reflect each family member’s individual interests and preferences.
The son wanted a unique pendant light inspired by the film series Star Wars, so the selected lighting fixture features five sabre-like spikes floating in mid-air. Tay also built the bed over the bay window to maximise the floor space and designed a table with a ceiling panel that frames the study area. The angular facets make it reminiscent of the futuristic cabins aboard the space ships, with cheerful pops of yellow on the headboard and drawers.

For the daughter’s room, the brief was to keep the design simple to create a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike her brother, she wanted to leave the bay window intact to display her favourite possessions. To maximise the use of space in her petite bedroom, Tay custom-built a foldable study table which can be easily set up when needed. Curtains with a subtle metallic sheen give the room a tactile touch while improving its acoustics.

In the master bedroom, the focal point of the room is the full-height upholstered bedhead. It’s placed between two grey-tinted mirrors that draw the eye upwards, creating the impression of a high ceiling.

The bedside tables were custom-made to match the headboard while a specially designed rug adds a splash of colour to the room. In the ensuite bathroom, brown tones of the cabinetry and wall panels are set against a white countertop to evoke the soothing atmosphere of a spa; this is where the couple can luxuriate and find respite in their own private space. 

It has been well worth the effort to create a home for the family to savour precious bonding time together.

“They love the outcome of the design and particularly enjoy how the various elements draw attention to the high ceilings,” shares Tay, looking with pride at the completed interior. “They say this makes them feel like they are staying in a luxury hotel.”   

Prestige Global Designs

Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay are the creative forces that lead the award-winning practice, Prestige Global Designs. The firm specialises in designing and building hotel-style interiors for residential and commercial properties, combining opulence with details that are unique to individuals and their homes. Since its inception, the practice has won multiple local and regional accolades including the Best Penthouse Project at the Tatler Design Awards 2018 and Best Luxury Concept at the Tatler Design Awards 2019.

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