Cover Blue cabinetry and the rugged texture of the backsplash make the kitchen pop

This elegant, light-filled apartment designed by The Scientist offers various surprises: a blue kitchen and a host of tactile elements that gives it a modern edge

While minimalism continues to resonate, there has also been an increase in the number of people looking to inject more colour and texture into their otherwise streamlined interiors. These days, homeowners are becoming more adventurous with colour and material selection.

Case in point: this family’s four-bedroom apartment in Singapore. Designed and renovated by The Scientist in three months, it has a clean white palette punctuated by delightful accents.

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The 2,820sqft apartment has an abundance of windows that bring in plenty of natural light and offers a panoramic view of the city. Principal designer Alvin Ling and his team aimed to create a “castle in the sky”, taking advantage of the ample illumination to highlight various elements. The owners also enjoy hosting friends and family at home, so spacious dining and kitchen areas were among the key requirements.

The brief was for an effortlessly elegant interior, with entertaining as the focus; the interior is designed to generate a sense of wonder both inside and out.
Alvin Ling, principal designer of The Scientist

“The brief was for an effortlessly elegant interior, with entertaining as the focus; the interior is designed to generate a sense of wonder both inside and out,” explains Ling. “The home offers an enviable 180-degree view of the city, so we designed the bay window in the living room to frame and draw attention to these beautiful vistas for the owners and guests to appreciate.”

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Black accents in the ceiling lights, drop-in washbasin, switch plates and cabinet door handles harmonise the various elements within the space.

Grey flooring distinguishes the kitchen from the living area, and a large graphic artwork on the wall highlights this room, making it a beautiful extension of the main house rather than just a utilitarian space. During gatherings, it becomes just as inviting as the spacious living area.

“The kitchen is the heart of a home. A designer must understand that a kitchen has various work areas that need to be integrated throughout the entire project,” says Ling, on marrying form and function.

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White walls and grey joinery accented with trimmings, and white marble flooring impart a sophisticated feel. They serve as a perfect foil for the couple’s prized sculptures and art pieces, which make colourful additions to the home. In the children’s bedrooms, wallpaper lends a much welcomed graphic touch.

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Timber accents in the bedrooms, bathrooms and living room bring warmth and life to this abode. These wooden textures are most prominent in the kitchen, which stands out artistically with speckled grey stone surfaces and cobalt blue cabinet doors against a rustic timber backdrop.

This approach reflects the firm’s ethos as suggested by its name, where art and science come together to create a symbiotic living environment. “The aesthetic qualities of a well-designed space are integral to its usefulness because the environment that we are in, where we rest and play, can affect our well-being,” says the designer. “A home that is layered with textures and details becomes warm and inviting.”

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