Cover French painter Fernand Léger’sLes Plongeurs (The Divers)adds a pop of colour to the monochromatic living room

With its elegant monochromatic interior, this modern house by architecture firm Shope Reno Wharton and New York-based studio Foley&Cox beautifully showcases a couple’s enviable art collection

Picasso, Giacometti, Warhol and Matisse—these are just a few of the most revered names in modern art. Some of the works of these blue-chip artists are proudly showcased in the 8,000 sq ft Boston home of a couple passionate about art collecting. Situated in Brookline, Massachusetts, this house has been designed as the perfect canvas for showcasing the enviable assemblage of museum-quality works by these grandmasters. 

The clients, a recently retired couple, sought to downsize from their larger and more formal previous home into a new abode that represented the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. “They were looking for a home which reflected new interests and a more relaxed living style,” explains architect Arthur Hanlon, principal and partner of Connecticut-based architecture firm Shope Reno Wharton.

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Having worked on the clients’ previous residence, the firm was already well versed with what the couple needed to create a new home from the ground up. The architects teamed up with New York-based studio Foley&Cox to craft an abode with stunning spaces that were visually cohesive inside and out.

“We worked together to establish a vocabulary for the interior hardscape of the house that fit seamlessly with the interiors. Like all projects in the age of Pinterest, it took a bit of time to distil down to an aesthetic which defines the home; the process occurred over a series of meetings that started with the big concept and once established, it was (conveyed) through the house in its detailing,” says Hanlon.

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The home’s contemporary facade is clad primarily in materials such as stucco, stone and limestone, which were selected for their durability and ease of maintenance. In contrast, the interior features a mix of metals and wood varieties that are paired with luxurious fabrics; these offer a sense of warmth and sophistication. Vibrant paintings and art prints enliven the interior spaces throughout the property while showcasing the couple’s cherished collection.

“To create highly individualised interiors, [we] interpret appropriateness as defined by the client’s lifestyle, as well as the home’s location and architectural design,” says Michael Cox, co-founder of Foley&Cox. “We like the idea of the home as a place of refuge but also as a gallery where the owners could display artworks that they enjoy.”

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Upon arrival, the double-height foyer space offers a dramatic first impression. A wall dedicated to the instantly recognisable Marilyn Monroe print series by Andy Warhol greets guests, while a sculptural Lohja pendant light by Cameron Design House draws the eye upwards to the lofty ceiling height of the space. To the side, a cantilevered staircase crafted in glass and dark walnut wood makes an eye-catching statement.

“Elements such as the stairs are designed as functional sculptures,” says Hanlon. Cox agrees: “A result of Hanlon’s brilliance, the staircase is a striking centre spine of the house that further establishes an impactful sense of arrival.”

Throughout the home, Cox and Hanlon employed a unified material and colour palette with interior architectural elements and furnishings in muted hues and modern forms. This serves as the perfect foil for the clients’ large collection of impressionist and modern art.

According to Cox, the colour palette was chosen after numerous discussions with the clients. “The wife loves the citrine accents in the living room, while the husband gravitates toward the dark, strong and masculine colours of the home’s library,” says the designer.

The living and dining areas are designed in a manner that allows for conversation to easily flow between both spaces. Plush sofas and armchairs surround a cocktail table by French design brand Liaigre, forming an inviting setting for lounging. A custom console by New York-based designer John Lyle separates the living room from the dining area, while lighting fixtures from Studio Van den Akker add a soft glow above a pair of four-seater dining tables from Cliff Young. 

Smaller and more intimate spaces can be found throughout the rest of the home as well. A breakfast nook in the kitchen lets the couple enjoy the tranquil, relaxed nature of slow mornings.

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Upstairs, the library on the second level is a serene space for contemplation. The bedrooms also serve as peaceful sanctuaries for the owners and their children whenever they visit. An off-white colour palette dominates in these rooms, and is paired with elegant furnishings in earthy hues that create a refined atmosphere.

For Cox, offering the homeowners a sense of belonging was paramount, throughout the three years it took to design and build the four-bedroom house. “It was important to thoughtfully reinterpret the key elements of the clients’ brief, so that it still felt like ‘them’. The result is a serene space infused with the homeowners’ personal style.”

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