This sleek abode features spectacular views of the sea and opulent details fit for royalty. See more of its stunning interior, as featured below
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Above The outdoor terrace of this penthouse, which faces the marina

With its unbroken sea views and generous space, this lofty penthouse floats above the surrounding waters, almost like a yacht at sea. The abode’s unusual proportions immediately stood out to Jeremy Tay, director of Prestige Global Designs, when he first visited the home.

“The layout of the home is elongated and spacious, appearing like the shape of a superyacht or a ship,” he recalls. An outdoor terrace runs along the side of its living and dining areas, not unlike the outdoor passageway of a yacht—it leads to a considerable outdoor deck and Jacuzzi area that overlooks the marina.

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Above A creative vignette on the coffee table

Home to a family of three, this 5,000sqft single-storey apartment already makes a grand impression with its waterfront location and generous living areas. What the family wanted were equally opulent furnishings to match the apartment’s remarkable features.

During their search for the perfect collaborator, the family came across a project by Prestige Global Designs featured in Singapore Tatler Homes; they were so impressed that they tasked the local practice with the interior design of their abode. The design firm’s co-founders, Tay and Michael Ong, led the project as they sought to turn this exquisite space into a stylish sanctuary that celebrates its proximity to the sea and the owner’s preference for gold accents.

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Above The glamorous lobby area of a yacht-inspired penthouse

Among the first things the design duo began with was a glamorous entrance. A private lift takes the family to the lobby, where a dreamy mural of clouds and mountains sits, framed in gold and leaving an enchanting first impression.

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Above A hyperrealistic security-guard sculpture by American artist Marc Sijan

Upon entering the property, guests are greeted by the hyperrealistic security-guard sculpture by American artist Marc Sijan, standing next to an onyx bar counter awash in shades of gold and sand. This bar area is where the homeowners whip up cocktails to welcome guests—it also serves as a cosy corner for coffee and breakfast.

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Above The living area of the yacht-inspired penthouse

From here, this leads to the well-appointed living and dining areas, where mirrored surfaces have been added to the ceiling to enhance its lofty sense of space.

Baccarat crystal chandeliers and sycamore wood panels add to the opulent mood in the living area, complemented by shades of orange and crimson red.

Other plush details include the periwinkle faux fur on the velvet armchairs, as well as a tufted sofa topped with a rich array of decorative cushions.

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Above The living and dining area of the yacht-inspired penthouse

At the dining area, red accents add dynamic touches to the 10-seat table, where the Baccarat dinner service sets the scene for an elegant meal.

In contrast, the adjoining entertainment area is predominantly decorated in shades of blues and dark wood, creating a calming atmosphere. It’s punctuated with gilded details found on the cushions, as well as artworks depicting horses and koi fish.

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Above The son's bedroom

The bedrooms serve as calming sanctuaries, each customised for the couple and their son. Display cases housing collectibles and toys were made specially for the son’s room, which is decorated in polished dark wood, silver tones and a neutral palette.

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Above The master bedroom

The couple’s master bedroom, on the other hand, melds decadent hues of gold and taupe with mirrored panels and a metallic feature wall that appears to cascade like a waterfall behind the bed. Next to the bed, velvet curtains and side tables topped in Portoro gold marble complete the plush tableau.

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Above The walk-in wardrobe

At the wife’s request, one of the rooms has been transformed into a walk-in wardrobe. The fully carpeted space houses her impressive collection of gowns, with a centralised floor-to-ceiling display for her favourite bags and jewellery. It’s flanked on both sides by full-length mirrors, with the sleek drawers beneath adorned with bespoke blue-gem handles.

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Above The outdoor terrace of the yacht-inspired penthouse

“The family was very pleased with the outcome—they love everything about their home and they feel that we’ve exceeded their expectations,” says Tay. “The final look of the abode truly makes the home a jewel by the sea.”

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This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes February-March 2018.

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