A thoughtful mix of tropical inspiration and luxurious accents turns this spacious two-storey penthouse (complete with a private rooftop, the central location and the panoramic views) into a characterful sanctuary for a family of five, thanks to Prestige Global Designs which decorated and furnished their home.

Starting point

“The homeowners wanted their penthouse apartment to have a homely yet luxurious feel, with a mix of different design elements to make it uniquely their own,” recalls Jeremy Tay, co-founder and director of Prestige Global Designs “Being well-travelled, the lady of the house had some ideas that she wanted to incorporate. We had a very enjoyable working relationship with our client—it was a team effort. Our role was to give advice and to realise their dream interior the best that we could.” Together with co-founder Michael Ong, the design duo aimed to create a luxurious interior with playful accents for the young family.

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Living it up

Upon entering the abode, visitors are greeted by a long, spacious communal area that encompasses the dry kitchen and the living and dining area of the apartment. Classical mouldings, neutral tones and rose gold accents imbue the penthouse with an elegant grace, while expansive bench seating accentuates the cosy atmosphere. The wood bench can be used as a seating solution for the dining area, as well as a cosy nook for reading and family bonding. An indoor potted plant has also been incorporated into the bench, complemented with pebble-like cushions that add to its garden-inspired design.

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Family haven

As the homeowner requested that no TV be placed in the living area, Prestige Global Designs had a bit more freedom to experiment with the seating configuration and layout of the communal space. “We wanted to do something different in terms of the furniture arrangement—to create a relaxing space that wasn’t a typical set-up for the living room,” shares Tay. To this end, the design duo decided to place the sofa perpendicular to the bay window; an array of cushions and a Giorgetti rocking chair also contribute to the space’s snug appeal.

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Creative flourishes

Eclectic details such as a superhero-themed artwork and other decorative objects enliven the living space. The artwork by the kitchen features protagonists from the Marvel Comics universe and is paired with a colourful floral art piece in the dining area that was created by a family friend especially for the space. Oversized fruits accentuate the tropical feel, while a collection of framed photos completes the creative vignette.

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Opulent retreat

Upstairs, the master bedroom follows an almost symmetrical approach, with a pair of bedside tables and matching lamps by the sides of the plush headboard. A framed abstract artwork above the headboard becomes the visual centrepiece of the space, while metallic accents and an earthy palette unite the decor scheme. 

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Floral punch

The daughter’s bathroom features a floral statement wall and rose accents to match the botanical theme in her bedroom. As a thoughtful touch, the designers also included a step in each of the children’s bathrooms. “The step helps the kids use the vanity basin on their own, to train them to be independent—it also doubles as storage space,” explains Tay.

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Tropical hub

On the roof terrace, ample seating space was created for the family’s regular house parties. Foliage surrounds the L-shaped bench seating, which is decorated with a cosy cluster of cushions from Kenzo Home. Outdoor LED lights were installed below the durable decking to add an intimate glow to the pool area during the evenings. A shower area was also created beside the Jacuzzi, clad in geometric tiles that have also been used on the platform steps.

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This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes December 2017-January 2018.

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