Cover The dining area of a project designed by Edmund Ng Architects

A well-thought selection of art and furniture enliven spaces while creating plenty of ways for an art collecting family to entertain

As a holiday home for a multi-generational family, the abode already had beautiful bones—clad in a luxurious mix of marble and natural stone, the 9,365sqft property features sprawling spaces that offered stunning sea views.

Still, there was room for improvement to turn the house into a truly stylish second home. When it came to the redesign of its interior, architect Edmund Ng sought to achieve a luxurious look that drew cues from modern Italian design while embodying a minimalist scheme. “With the tremendous built-in area at our disposal, we saw a lot of potential in the space,” shares Ng, the founder of Edmund Ng Architects and the lead designer of this project. “Although the existing architecture was good, we felt that a lot of areas needed to be improved on to make the space outstanding.” Together with his team, Ng was tasked to breathe new life into the six-year-old property to turn it into a dream vacation home for a well-travelled family.

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The most noticeable change that was made to the facade was an additional cladding that provided some shade and added to the cohesive look of the house as a whole. “We introduced a sun-shading device that not only increased privacy, but also helped to layer the architecture,” explains Ng. “We also made the facade two shades darker, to make the project more cohesive.” Another necessary addition was a wall built next to the stairway, to create vertical separation between the staircase and the elongated hallway.

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A thoughtful selection of furniture from Italian brands including Cappellini, Cassina and Poltrona Frau brings out its Italian inspiration, together with complementary pieces from European brands such as Knoll, Kettal and Manutti.

The home’s pièce de résistance is its living and dining area, which look out to the pool and the sea waters beyond. Decked in a plush mix of marble, leather and fabric upholstery, key pieces in the area such as the Archibald chairs designed by architect Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, marry timeless style with tactile comforts.

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The sprawling floor area provided plenty of opportunities to showcase an extensive array of art, which also serves as conversation starters while adding a sense of life to its interior.

The enviable collection includes original art prints by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, as well as sculptures by contemporary artists such as Chen Wen Ling and Yayoi Kusama. In particular, a sculpture by Chen makes a playful addition to the outdoor area—the life-like figure appears as if he’s shivering from a recent dip in the pool.

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On the second floor, the bedrooms have been tastefully furnished with a palette of earthy shades and neutral tones punctuated with accents of teal and navy, and metallic details.

The room that went through the most startling transformation was the master bedroom. “We completely reworked the room to improve its spatial flow, highlighting the million-dollar view,” says Ng. Reconfigured as a hotel-style bedroom, it features a library, a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite bathroom, as well as a desk that demarcates the reading space from the bed.

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The abode’s basement and attic were underused areas that Ng wanted to utilise by turning them into spaces that the family would enjoy using. “The basement formerly housed a failed courtyard garden caused by the lack of light and poor irrigation,” explains Ng.

The lack of natural light at the cool subterranean level did give its spaces a sense of serenity and intimacy—qualities that the architect used to his advantage, by turning it into an entertainment area equipped with a cigar room and a spa. 

A feature wall covered with artificial foliage and other verdant accents added a tropical flair to the indoor-outdoor spa area.

Upstairs, the attic is now a cinematic venue for movie screenings under the stars for the family and their guests. Its glass doors lead out to a barbeque pit and ample outdoor seating at its outdoor terrace, which allows the homeowners to host rooftop parties while enjoying the views.

Art direction and production: Khairul Ali 

Photography: Jasper Yu

This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes April-May 2018


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