Cover The pearlescent finish on the cove ceiling is one of many meticulous details crafted for this home

Designed by Summerhaus D’zign, a statement bar area, gilded finishes and other custom-made furnishings add up to create a dream home

When the owners of this semi-detached house in Singapore's District 10 tasked Summerhaus D’zign to give it a makeover, they essentially afforded the design firm a free hand in fulfilling the brief.

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As with any robust relationship, the key was an ongoing dialogue. “The clients weren’t able to specifically articulate the type of design they preferred, so it was very open-ended from the beginning. We had to work closely with them to identify what they liked,” says Larry Lim, managing partner at Summerhaus D’zign. “They were concerned about balancing aesthetics with functionality and practicality.” Both parties ultimately decided on creating a luxurious interior that is also inviting and conducive for gatherings hosted by this three-generation family.

The design firm had to work within the framework of the project’s existing finishes and structure, such as the flooring and the location of air-conditioning units. “Any additions and decorations had to match the existing features that came with the house,” says Lim.

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It helped that the client was open to trying out new materials and combinations of textures. The design team employed a diverse mix of stainless steel, travertine, wood, quartz, tinted mirrors, wallpaper and special effects paint to fashion a cohesive whole in the 4,500sqft property.

Throughout, indirect lighting highlights the wealth of textures and creates specific moods when needed, while a neutral colour scheme holds it all together.

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The basement serves as the main entrance to this abode. Here, hidden doors, masquerading as part of a mirrored wall feature that also incorporates storage cabinets, lead to the yard, the common bathroom and the study room respectively. Lending an upscale feel to this space is a baby grand piano.

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On the first floor is the living space, where complementary finishes lend a refined elegance. The area surrounding the lift features stainless-steel strips, which are also found on the TV console. The coved ceiling is treated with a pearlescent coating for additional depth.

In the dining area, a customised dining table-and-bar sports a curved steel base and a titanium rose-gold coating. The tabletop comprises a scratch and stain-resistant Dekton top, as does the bar counter. Open shelves display bottles of liquor.

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Bespoke headboards and side tables anchor the bedrooms, while plush textures in the form of cushions and rugs impart a cosy air. Altogether, this three-month project resulted in a dwelling that offers plenty to catch the eye, and a sanctuary that the owners are proud to call home.

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