Combining two penthouses into one not only doubles the panoramic views, but also creates ample room for everyone to pursue their passions

As the interior designers and directors of Prestige Global Designs, Jeremy Tay and Michael Ong have had the opportunity to design many penthouses.

“Each home has different characteristics and clients all have different requirements. So our approach is to provide plenty of customisation for their needs,” says Tay. Most importantly, the firm aims to celebrate the abundance of natural light and nice views that penthouses typically possess.

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This particular penthouse in Singapore is unique in that it combines two abutting units. The family, with two young children, had previously lived in a three-bedroom apartment nearby but desired more space. The house also had to accommodate family gatherings and occasional visits of the grandparents.

“We are a close-knit family and so we wanted a home to create memories with our children as they grow up––to have cosy areas where we can play games and hang out together, as well as spaces we can quietly read in,” shares the wife.

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The entrance is located at the larger five-bedroom unit, whose living area is kept intact. An opening in an adjoining wall connects the two units. To enhance functionality, the designers removed one bedroom to create a larger living area, and turned another into the master bedroom’s walk-in wardrobe. The firm also enlarged the son’s bedroom by removing the ensuite bathroom. In the smaller two-bedroom unit, there is now a guest room and entertainment area for accommodating lively children during gatherings.

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“We wanted every corner of the home to be eye-catching and unique, while conveying a consistent design scheme,” says Tay. To achieve this, the firm used recurring materials and tones that manifest in various ways. These include the dark wood joinery and neutral shades on the walls and floors, which are accompanied with accents of blue and grey.

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Mirrors, brass trimmings and incandescent lamps reflect and amplify the light streaming in from large windows. For instance, an Art Deco-style mirror at the entrance enhances the space’s sense of depth. In the dining room, a majestic Gold Moon chandelier from Catellani & Smith spirals like gilded leaves floating in the air. With more space, the owners can indulge in their hobbies.

The husband is an avid fan of vodka and the home showcases his extensive collection of spirits—many of them rare bottles—with a display shelf that stretches to the top of the double-height ceiling. An onyx-clad bar counter and a glittering chandelier from Cattelan Italia add to the refined atmosphere.

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The designers took advantage of the living area’s soaring ceiling by adding a mezzanine that shares the balconies’ stunning panoramic vistas. The library on the mezzanine is the wife’s favourite spot in the home. “She loves to read and especially enjoys the Harry Potter books and film franchise,” says Tay. “We created a Harry Potter-themed library using dark wood and introduced accessories and artworks inspired by motifs from the series, such as the broom, the owl, and the knight.”

Here, a trunk imprinted with the Union Jack celebrates the British-influenced theme. Above it floats the Coppelia pendant lamp from Moooi, which features a skeletal frame. The wife, delighted with this personal sanctuary, can often be found here with a book in hand.

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Rather than employ a sprawling open plan, many intimate nooks define this penthouse. The bar area and mezzanine are some of these cosy alcoves. Another is the lounge located opposite the dining room. The Prussian blue carpet and ambient lighting lend cosiness.

Like in a mystery novel, a door in the cabinetry conceals a storeroom where the smaller unit’s entrance used to be. In the living room, floral motifs on the silk carpet connect with the verdant scenery outside the windows. Equally expressive is a Hermès scarf framed and hung on the wall like an artwork. Influences from nature are also found in the master bedroom’s wallpaper, with gold leaves and trims. By the bedside, Bocci lamps mimic water droplets. 

The children’s bedrooms, featuring more youthful decor, are personalised with the things they love. The son’s bedroom has cobalt curtains, as blue is his favourite colour; artworks of his favourite cars hang on the wall. In the daughter’s bedroom, floral wallpaper and light wood veneer cabinetry lend a feminine yet playful touch. Above the bed, the designers framed and hung a feline artwork that she adores.

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In combining the units, the family also gained more balcony space in which to enjoy morning birdsong and evening quiet. Tay adds a subtle divider of potted plants for privacy outside the daughter’s bedroom, which is accessible from the main balcony.

Even the utilitarian spaces are customised; in each of the four bathrooms, the family’s love of travel is represented by an artwork of a major city—Paris, London, New York and Berlin. With such a tailor-made home, there’s really no reason for the family to want to be anywhere else at all. 

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