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Want to improve your child’s math or language skills? These sites feature set curriculums, activities, videos and more to keep your children busy and learning at home


A subscription-based platform that is available worldwide and offers comprehensive curriculums for children, from pre-kindergarten stage all the way to Year 12. IXL offers programmes for mathematics, English, science, social studies (on US history) and Spanish and are used by schools across the US as well. The IXL platform is programmed to provide personalized learning—by setting questions that are based on the user’s level and understanding and using a Continuous Diagnostic function that assesses the student’s work and then adjusts the programme accordingly to build on certain skills or address any areas that needs improvement.

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Kahoot! is a game-based programme that started in Norway in 2012 and features educational quizzes and games for languages, mathematics, science, history, geography and more. Children can play the games on their own or with their friends, and there are also activities that involve the whole family, making it an option as a fun, educational activity for the weekend as well.

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Scholastic Learn At Home

Scholastic, the publishing company for children’s books, launched the free Scholastic Learn At Home website, featuring educational materials that are divided into four levels: Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten, Grades 1–2, Grades 3–5, and Grades 6–9+. The materials cover language arts, STEM, science, social studies and “Social-Emotional Learning”, and there is enough online for three hours of activities per day, for 20 days. There are writing and research projects, challenges on reading and geography for children to take on, and even virtual field trips. In addition, there is the Scholastic Home Base for children to reach out to other users.

MacGillivray Freeman Films

This US-based company produces educational documentaries for IMAX and made some of their most popular films available on streaming platforms, with each video supplemented with an Educator Guide featuring additional info on the topic, learning activities, quizzes and more. All the links are on the website and while some of the videos are on Vimeo and can’t be streamed in Hong Kong, there are a few—such as one on dolphins and another titled The Living Sea—that are available on Amazon Prime and YouTube.


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